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  • 10/27/2020
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Memory and Performance

As mentioned in previous sections, memory consumption and performance measurements must be covered by the validation team that actually tests the functional flows of the given trusted application. Therefore the following parameters should be well defined and covered by validation team:
  • Memory
    • Trusted application size and DALP package size
       – The actual code size and content of DALP package. In addition, pre-production values should be compared to the production version.
    • Heap size
       – The amount of heap used by each instance of the trusted application (as mentioned in previous sections).
  • Performance
    • API performance
       – On top of existing benchmarks of Intel® DAL API performance, some measurements of functional flows should be tested and validated according to relevant requirements. Note: There is a big difference between emulator performance and actual platform performance (in favor of the platform).
    • Communication layer performance
       – The whole process of managing the trusted application, communicating with it, etc. will add overhead to the general performance. The validation team should ensure those are as minimized as possible.
    • Server and E2E performance
       – The full end-to-end flows should be measured and each component should have clear performance requirements which should be met during validation.

Product and Performance Information


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