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  • 10/27/2020
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Generic Host Application (Windows*, Linux*, Android*)

Once a device has been started, the Intel® DAL Generic Host Application can be run. The Generic Host Application enables emulation of a host application.
When working with an API Level 1 device:
  • Clicking
    performs a trusted application installation command.
  • Clicking
    performs a trusted application un-installation command.
  • Clicking
    performs an API level 1 send-and-receive operation.
  • Closing the host-application window has no side-effects, and the trusted application must be uninstalled manually by clicking
    regardless of host windows being closed.
When working with an API Level 1.1 and above device:
  • Every host application window corresponds to a single trusted application session. Open a new host application session window each desired session.
  • When you click
    Start Session
    , Emulauncher does the following:
    • Emulauncher attempts an install command. If the trusted application was already installed, the sequence continues.
    • Emulauncher performs a create session command.
    • Once the session has been registered, Emulauncher performs a register event operation. As a result, any event sent to the host session will be displayed in the host application session window.
    • Clicking
      performs an API level 1.1 and above send-and-receive operation.
If you close the host application session window, Intel DAL Generic Host Application performs the following sequence of operations:
  • Performs a session close operation.
  • Attempts to uninstall the trusted application. If any other sessions of this trusted application are currently active, this operation will safely fail and the trusted application will remain installed.
The Generic Host Application (GHA) works on both real hardware and in the emulation mode, as provided by the Emulauncher tool. The Emulauncher tool is provided as part of every SDK installation and, therefore, exists on all machines with Intel DAL installed. The GHA tries to work in the emulation environment by default.
When the GHA is running in emulation mode on a machine which contains real hardware, the option "switch to real hardware" is enabled. Checking this option restarts the environment on the real hardware. Users can switch back to the emulated environment from real hardware mode to emulation mode by turning on the Emulauncher, and clicking OK while getting the GHA message:"Emulauncher turned on.."

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