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  • 10/27/2020
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Linux* Host Application Sample

This is a simple Linux* host application that:
  • Loads a trusted application into the Intel® DAL virtual machine (DAL VM).
  • Communicates with the trusted application.
It uses the legacy Intel DAL Java* Host Interface APIs and runs over the user space.
This application performs this flow:
  1. Initializes a connection with the Intel DAL Host Interface Daemon.
  2. Installs a trusted application.
  3. Opens a session to the trusted application.
  4. Use the trusted application's SendAndRecv function to send command and receive data.
  5. Closes the session.
  6. Uninstalls the trusted application.
  7. Ends the connection with Intel DAL Host Interface Daemon.
This sample attempts to load a default trusted application called echo.dalp that should be located under
.  You can find this .dalp file under the Include folder. Copy it to
to run this sample.
The sample includes the source code and an executable file that was compiled on Linux Yocto* distribution 64-bit OS.
In order to rebuild the sample code, you will need to:
  • Install CMake
  • Run inside
    cmake . make
The output folder is
For running the resulting executable, make sure that the Intel DAL Host Interface Daemon is up and running, and run inside

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