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  • 10/27/2020
  • Public Content

Android* Native Host Sample

 This sample is not included in the first public release of the Intel® Dynamic Application Loader (Intel® DAL) SDK. It will be provided in a future release.
The Native Host Sample is located in the SDK Android* folder. 
This sample uses the internal Intel® DAL Host Interface APIs and runs over the Android Native C/C++ Libraries. 
This sample application performs this flow:
  • Initializes a connection with the Intel DAL Host Interface Service.
  • Installs a trusted application.
  • Opens a session to the trusted application.
  • Uses the trusted application's SendAndRecv function to send and receive data.
  • Closes the session.
  • Uninstalls the trusted application.
  • Ends the connection with the Intel DAL Host Interface Service.
This code must be compiled within the full Android tree using the make file that is provided as a part of the sample.
The sample folder contains the source code and a compiled executable .o file. The executable can be run using ADB or any other connectivity tool.
This sample attempts to load a default trusted application called echo.dalp that should be located under
.  You can find this .dalp file in the sample folder. Copy it to
to run this sample.

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