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  • 10/27/2020
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Debugging Trusted Applications

Debugging the source code of your trusted application is available only when the trusted application is executed in the
Before you can debug a trusted application, it must be built and packaged for debugging.  In Eclipse*, when you click the 
Build and Package DAL Project
 button in the Intel® DAL menu, the dialog that opens has a checkbox 
For Debugger
.  Select this option when building and packaging. 
for debugger
  • The resulting package is
Workspace\ProjectName\bin\ProjectName -debug.dalp
.  Be sure to
change the trusted application path in your host software accordingly
. • When packaging for debug, the open session is delayed for 20000 msec to enable the debugging of the
function as well. • The
property in the manifest defines the timeout of the debugger in milliseconds.

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