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  • 10/27/2020
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Creating a New Project

An Intel® DAL project is a collection of files which make up a trusted application and its corresponding host application. The easiest way to create a new project is to use the Intel DAL plugin for Eclipse*.  The plugin creates the necessary files for the development of both a trusted application as well as a host application.  When creating a new project, you can select to automatically create a new template host application, in  C# or  C++, along with the trusted application.  The new project wizard also creates the necessary accompanying Intel® DAL Host Interface Service (Intel® DAL HIS) file for the host application.  
A project includes:
  • A new project marked with the Intel DAL icon
  • A package within the project
  • Referenced Libraries:  The dal.jar which contains the necessary classes for an Intel DAL trusted application, as well as the Javadoc* documentation for these classes.
    Projects created on older platforms may contain isdi.jar instead of dal.jar.
  • src/: Directory for the project's source files.  It includes a main .java file containing the entry point for the application
  • A default manifest file, used later when creating the downloadable package. The default values can be changed in the editor.

Using Eclipse* to Create a Trusted Application

To create an Intel DAL trusted application via Eclipse:
  1. Open Eclipse and select a workspace.
  2. Select File->New->DAL Applet Project
    . If you do not have this menu, the Intel DAL Eclipse plugin is not installed.
  3. In the
    Create a new DAL trusted application window
    , enter the parameters for the new project and click
  4. In the
    Create a new DAL host application
    window, if you want to create a host application as well as a trusted application, indicate this by checking the relevant box and choosing either C++ or C# as the programming language.
  5. In the
    Run Configuration
    window, specify what should happen when you press the Run or Debug button in Microsoft Visual Studio*.
  6. Click
    to create your trusted application (and the host application, if you chose it as well).
For more details on creating a project, see the following tutorials:
For a sample host application, see the Intel Generic Host Application.

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