Investing in Water Restoration

At Intel, we’ve been committed to environmental sustainability for decades, and now we’re diving deep into water restoration.


Environmental sustainability at Intel is about reducing our own environmental footprint while creating technology to help others reduce their environmental footprint. But for me, it's all about water. As a major manufacturer, we feel we have a responsibility to manage our water use efficiently. Over the last two decades, we have invested in water conservation efforts that have saved around 60 billion gallons of water. And today, we treat and return 80% of the water that we use back to our communities.

But we know that we can and should do more. That's why in 2017, we announced a commitment to restore 100% of the water that we use by the year 2025. We're achieving this goal by collaborating with our local communities and environmental groups to find projects that are highly impactful and provide long-term benefits to the ecosystem equivalent to the amount of water that we consume.

One partnership that I am really excited about is here in Washington County, Oregon, where we're working with a local hazelnut farmer to pilot real-time remote soil moisture sensing to allow the farmer better data to make decisions about the optimum time to water and plant their crops. This technology can save the farmer resources, and it can leave water in our rivers and lakes. It's an ambitious goal, but just one of many that we have in place around the world.

My name is Faun Bergen and I am Intel. Learn more about our environmental sustainability efforts at