Industry Developer's Guides

Welcome to the centralized resource of industry group specifications for developing Intel®-based servers. This site is your portal for tools and information so you can successfully design and develop server solutions based on IA-32 and Itanium® Processor Family architectures.

Intel Spearheads the Creation of Industry Working Groups
Intel spearheads the creation of industry working groups to solve critical problems in the server market segment and to ease industry transition to newer and better architectures for the enterprise. These collaborative efforts, combined with Intel's road map for IA-32 and the Itanium® family of processors, are designed to enable Intel to become the unifying architecture today and into the next century.

Different industry working groups are creating design guides for developers of targeted Intel-based server solutions. The architectures described by these guides benefit developers by enabling more choice and interoperability of components at multiple levels of the solution stack. These industry developer's guides will enable vendors to:
Accelerate time to market
Reduce development and validation time
Support new technologies on current platform designs
Remove costly and obsolete legacy features
Increase design re-use
As a result, IT customers will benefit from more reliable, manageable, scalable and interoperable Intel-based servers that will produce the results sought by their businesses.
Industry Developer's Guides
Developer's Interface Guide for Itanium® Architecture Servers
Originally called the Developer's Interface Guide for IA-64 Servers, DIG64 specifies a common baseline hardware-software interface for server systems based on Itanium® Processor Family.
Advanced TCA Modular Platform Design Guide
AdvancedTCA* (or ATCA) is an industry initiative to provide standardized platform architecture for carrier-grade telecommunication applications, with support for carrier-grade features such as NEBS and 99.999% availability.
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