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DDR2-800 Memory Support for Intel® Desktop Boards Based on Intel® 965 Express Chipsets
Only DDR2-800 memory supporting JEDEC approved 1.8V operation with timings of 5-5-5 or 6-6-6 is supported on Intel® Desktop Boards based on Intel® 965 Express Chipsets¹. Any other timings or voltages above 1.8V are not supported and may result in memory initialization errors (indicated by three beeps when the system is powered on) or a no POST/no boot situation (indicated by a black screen when the system is powered on).

Several examples of currently available channel memory (marketed as DDR2-800 with 5-5-5 timings) have been evaluated and found to have incorrectly programmed Serial Presence Detect (SPD) devices. Correctly programmed SPD device data is necessary for proper chipset operation. Memory with SPD device data that does not allow correct chipset/memory operation at DDR2-800 settings may be downgraded to run at DDR2-667 or lower. In the worst case the system will neither POST nor boot.

Please check with your vendor to ensure the memory you are installing runs at 1.8V and has correctly programmed SPD device data. Alternatively, Intel recommends using memory from the tested memory lists:

Memory tested with the Intel® 965 Express Chipset family but not specifically using Intel® Desktop Boards as the test platforms

Memory tested by a third-party test house using Intel® Desktop Boards as the test platforms

Tested Memory Lists for Intel® Desktop Boards

Memory tested by Intel or third-party memory vendors using Intel® Desktop Boards as the test platforms
Intel® Desktop Board DQ965WC
Intel® Desktop Board DQ965GF
Intel® Desktop Board DQ965CO
Intel® Desktop Board DG965WH
Intel® Desktop Board DG965MQ
Intel® Desktop Board DG965PZ
Intel® Desktop Board DG965OT
Intel® Desktop Board DG965SS
Intel® Desktop Board DG965RY
Intel® Desktop Board DG965MS
Intel® Desktop Board DP965LT


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