Eight-Core Performance for Maximum Gaming Intensity

The Intel® Dual Socket Extreme Desktop Platform delivers heart-pounding performance for the latest generation of multi-threaded games.

See what the press is saying about the game:

"Intel's Skull Trail [Intel® Dual Socket Extreme Desktop Platform] platform is the highest performing setup we have ever tested."
—Hot Hardware 2/3/08

For those who crave performance - more than what four processing cores and two graphic cards can deliver

Intel® Desktop Board D5400XS and two Intel® Core™2 Extreme processors QX9775, provide the backbone for this exciting new platform¹.

The ground-breaking Intel® Desktop Board D5400XS is the first dual CPU socket desktop board from Intel. With dual CPU capability that provides up to 8 core processing, it delivers performance for advanced digital media creation and an intense visual gaming experience.

  • Supports** both NVIDIA SLI Technology* and ATI CrossFireX Technology* -- up to 4 graphics cards on 4 PCI Express* slots for intense visual experience
  • Supports up to 8GB FBDIMM 800 Memory
  • Supports Dolby* Home Theater 7.1ch certified audio

Incredible eight-core gaming performance when fueled by two Intel® Core™2 Extreme processors QX9775. Each featuring:

  • Up to 12 MB of cache, 1600 MHz FSB, and 3.2 GHz clock to handle massive data throughput
  • Hafnium-infused circuitry drives innovative processor design, enabling greater performance and efficiency
  • Overspeed protection removed allowing you to tune your system for maximum performance²

A powerful platform for gaming and digital media applications.

The Intel® Dual Socket Extreme Desktop Platform-based PCs deliver performance for the latest generation of multi-threaded digital media applications. Blast through rendering media and compiling code. Ideal for multitasking – running processor intensive applications, like encoding, while working on other applications.