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Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950
The new Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (Intel® GMA 950) graphics core is an intelligent and responsive graphics engine built into the chipset that is on the motherboard. This integration provides incredible visual quality, faster graphics performance and flexible display options without the need for a separate graphics card.
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Ready for Microsoft Windows* Vista*
Updated Intel® Graphics WDDM drivers supporting the Intel® 945G Express Chipset are included in the Windows Vista* February CTP build (build 5308). These drivers are only compatible with this build and should not be used with other versions of Windows Vista.
Benefits to Consumers
Features Benefits
Responsive Graphics Performance With a powerful 400MHz core and DirectX* 9 3D hardware acceleration, Intel® GMA 950 graphics provides performance on par with mainstream graphics card solutions that would typically cost significantly more.
Smooth Video Playback If you want to watch video on your PC, then utilize Intel GMA 950 graphics for smooth video playback, native 16:9 format support for wide screen flat panels, motion compensation for smooth DVD playback and support for popular HDTV display formats. The media experience is even better when your PC also includes Intel® High Definition Audio (Intel® HD Audio) .
Broad Application Support Complete support of broad range of operating systems and APIs including: Microsoft Windows* XP, Media Center Edition and Windows 2000; multiple Linux* OSs; DirectX* 9; Open GL* 1.4 with ARB extensions.
Optimization of System Resources Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) 3.0 supports up to 224MB of video memory; system memory is allocated where it is needed dynamically.
Upgradeability¹ Expand your view across two monitors for more workspace. Option requires Advanced Digital Display 2 (ADD) card for additional display connectors. PCI Express* x16 port available¹ to upgrade to higher performance graphics card if required for extreme gaming.
Support for Media Expansion Cards Media Expansion Cards available to add TV tuner and display output options to your Intel® 945G Express Chipset with Intel GMA 950 graphics-based system.
Benefits to Business
Features Benefits
Intel® Stable Image Platform Program Hardware and software stack can help reduce total cost of ownership with improved manageability and stability of the complete platform for business client deployments. Complies with applicable Windows* Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) requirements.
Balanced architecture: Great graphics, no card required Optimization of system resource use provides excellent graphics at a lower system price. Integrated solution helps to reduce system complexity, power consumption, noise, and support costs.
Broad Application Support Support available for broad range of operating systems and APIs including: Microsoft* Windows* XP, Longhorn* Display Driver Model and Windows 2000, multiple Linux* OSs, DirectX* 9, Open GL* 1.4
Dual independent displays option¹ Provide increased display workspace for your clients for possible productivity increases. Allows re-use of excess monitors.
Upgradeability¹ PCI Express* x16 port available. Single platform can be deployed for broad range of client user needs, allowing upgrades to higher performance 3D graphics cards if required.
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 Graphics Core
256-bit graphics core running at 400MHz
Up to 10.6 GB/sec memory bandwidth with DDR2 667 system memory
1.6 GPixels/sec and 1.6 GTexels/sec fill rate
Up to 224 MB maximum video memory
2048x1536 at 75 Hz maximum resolution
Dynamic Display Modes for flat-panel, wide-screen and Digital TV support
Operating systems supported: Microsoft Windows* XP, Windows* XP 64bit, Media Center Edition 2004/2005, Windows 2000; Linux-compatible (Xfree86 source available)
High Performance 3D
Up to 4 pixels per clock rendering
Microsoft* DirectX* 9 Hardware Acceleration Features:
Pixel Shader 2.0
Volumetric Textures
Shadow Maps
Slope Scale Depth Bias
Two-Sided Stencil
Microsoft* DirectX* 9 Vertex Shader 3.0 and Transform and Lighting supported in software through highly optimized Processor Specific Geometry Pipeline (PSGP)
Texture Decompression for DirectX* and OpenGL*
OpenGL* 1.4 support plus ARB_vertex_buffer and EXT_shadow_funcs extensions and TexEnv shader caching
Advanced Display Capability
Up to 2048x1536 resolution for both analog and digital displays
Consumer Electronic display (Digital TV) support
Display hot plug support to automatically detect new display connection while system is operating (CRT and DVI)
Two Serial Digital Video Out (SDVO) ports for flat-panel monitors and/or TV-out support via Advanced Digital Display 2 (ADD2) cards or Media Expansion Cards
Intel Media Expansion Cards available providing TV-out and PVR capability
Multiple display types (LVDS, DVI-I, DVI-D, HDTV, TV-out, CRT)
Dual screen support through ADD2 digital video devices
HDTV 480i/p, 576i/p, 720i/p and 1080i/p display resolution support
Interlaced Display output support
16x9 and 16x10 Aspect Ratio for widescreen displays
2x2 Panel Scaler
Stunning Video Playback
High Definition Hardware Motion Compensation to support high definition hi-bitrate MPEG2 media playback
Up and Down Scaling of Video Content
High Definition Content Decode - up to two stream support
5x3 Overlay Filtering.
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