Discover a New Generation of Intelligent Devices

Intel is leading the development of a new generation of intelligent, connected devices that extend well beyond the PC. Driven by Intel technology, these products are increasingly connecting to the Internet, their environment and each other with profound impacts. From treadmills to tractors to thermostats, explore how intelligent devices are changing the ways we live and work.

Check out our “Mock News” videos for a humorous look at the possibilities.

"Mock News" Energy: Giving consumers more power.

Intelligent home energy management systems let you track how every watt of electricity is used, empowering smarter decisions that can help save the planet—and money, too.

"Mock News" Fitness: Lean, mean, connected machines.

Intelligent processors can make a huge difference in your exercise routine by turning fitness machines into personal trainers, guiding you through smarter, safer, more effective workouts.

"Mock News" Agriculture: Precision farming takes root.

Discover how the low-power, high-performance Intel Atom processor provides an ideal way to make any number of devices smarter from digital cinema cameras and media phones to trains and even precision farming tractors.

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