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PRESS KIT - Intel World Ahead Program
The Intel World Ahead Program is connecting the next billion people to 21st century opportunities by improving access to technology, high-speed internet connectivity, effective teaching and learning, and relevant local content. Intel collaborates with local and worldwide leaders on a comprehensive, long-term approach that positively impacts lives and creates sustainable development.
News Releases
Intel Joins One Laptop Per Child ›
July 13, 2007
Intel and One Laptop per Child (OLPC) today announced they have agreed to work together to bring the benefits of technology to the developing world through synergy of their respective programs.
Intel-Powered Classmate PCs First To Ship In Volume To Emerging Markets ›
March 22, 2007
Intel Corporation today announced that Intel-powered classmate PCs are shipping in volume to emerging markets.
Intel Helps Expand Use Of Technology In Turkey Through Intel's World Ahead Program ›
June 21, 2006
Intel Corporation President and CEO Paul Otellini today announced that Intel will increase efforts in Turkey to drive greater technology accessibility, Internet connectivity and enhanced education to advance knowledge and skill development, job growth and quality of life.
Intel CEO: India Plays Key Role In Intel's World Ahead Program ›
May 22, 2006
Paul Otellini, in his first visit to India as president and chief executive officer of Intel Corporation, today described the pivotal role India plays in Intel’s World Ahead Program, which seeks to accelerate access to uncompromised technology and education for people in the world’s developing communities.
Intel, Microsoft Collaborate To Bring Pay-As-You-Go PCs To Millions Of New Users ›
May 21, 2006
Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corp.* today announced that the companies will collaborate to engineer and deliver flexible, pay-as-you-go PC purchasing models for consumers in emerging markets.
Intel CEO: Need To Speed Gains For ‘Next Billion People’ ›
May 3, 2006
“The multiplying effects of computers, the Internet and education can double the reach of technology’s benefits worldwide in the next 5 years” – Intel Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini
Intel Commits $1 Billion To Further Emerging Markets Strategy ›
May 2, 2006
Intel Corporation will invest more than $1 billion over the next five years in a broad new program to speed access to uncompromised technology and education for people in the world’s developing communities.
Video / Audio
See Paul Otellini’s WCIT keynote ›
Fact Sheets/Backgrounders
Intel World Ahead Program fact sheet [PDF 37KB]
Intel-powered classmate PC fact sheet [PDF 33KB]
Intel-powered classmate PC
Intel-powered classmate PC

Intel-powered classmate PC
Intel-powered classmate PCs are small, mobile education-oriented PC to be used in classrooms in emerging markets. The fully-functional PC is designed to provide affordable, collaborative learning environments for students K-12 and their teachers. For more information, please visit
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