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"RealNetworks and Intel have worked together for years to improve the multimedia experience on PCs and devices. Having fully optimized RealVideo 9 for Intel's Hyper Threading technology, consumers will be able to enjoy the best quality video in the award-winning RealOne Player."

Brad Hefta
Vice President
RealNetworks, Inc.

"There simply isn't a better CPU for gaming than the P4P. Actually there isn't a better CPU for game development either. It's faster than any of the dual- and quad-processors systems we are using for game development, which is outstanding for a single CPU. At 533 MHz FSB, 3+GHz clock rate, and hyper-threading - it just doesn't get any better than that."

Gabe Newell
Managing Director

"Many of Adobe's products already include multi-threaded code which will take advantage of Hyper-Threading in Intel Pentium 4 processors. Graphics and publishing professionals generally work with multiple Adobe applications -- such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and InDesign -- and could benefit directly from these performance optimizations. Adobe continues to work closely with Intel to ensure our applications take strong advantage of microprocessor innovation."

Bryan Lamkin
Senior Vice President
Digital Imaging and Video Products
Adobe System

"Intel's hyper-threading technology will give the consumer more power and simultaneous capabilities without any hiccups along the way. You could be scanning the Internet and viewing online streaming media, while in the background using Roxio software to render and then burn video to a DVD without sacrificing any speed or performance with either task."

Vito Salvaggio
Vice President
Product Management

"In this increasingly digital age, it's important to find innovative ways to make the consumer computing experience as easy and smooth as possible. We're excited about what Intel's first-class hyper-threading technology ultimately means for our customers: increased computing power to help them personalize their digital media, whether it be photos, home videos, or music."

Tom Shea
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

"Intel's introduction of 3.06GHz Pentium® 4 processors and Hyper-Threading Technology will significantly raise application interactivity for complex professional applications such as CAD and digital content creation. Our focus is providing graphics productivity through performance and reliability and so we have worked closely with Intel to ensure our users can enjoy the benefits of Hyper-Threading Technology on all Wildcat products with the assurance of 3Dlabs' legendary driver quality and stability."

Neil Trevett
Senior Vice President
Market Development
3D Labs

"We continue to work with Intel to ensure that our visual processing solutions combine with their hardware to offer the best visual experience in the world. Applications like Lejendary Adventures showcase the industry-leading features packed into the RADEON 9700 PRO."

Rick Bergman
Senior Vice President, Marketing
General Manager, Desktop
ATI Technologies, Inc.

"HT Technology significantly increases the synergy between the central processing unit (CPU) and GPU to benefit from a more efficient, higher-performing PC platform. NVIDIA's next-generation of GPUs take advantage of HT Technology to dramatically enrich the PC experience by providing the ultimate platform for delivering video content, 3D games, digital photos, and DVD movies."

Dan Vivoli
Vice President

"We are very pleased with the performance increases we are seeing in 3ds max 5 from Intel's Hyper-Threading technology. 3ds max 5's global illumination and photo-realistic rendering already make heavy use of multi-threading to provide faster computation on dual processor configurations. Now, with hyper-threaded single processor desktop systems from Intel, many more artists can take advantage of this powerful capability in 3ds max 5. We expect hyper-threading technology on the desktop to deliver an average of 15% rendering performance increase over non-HT systems in typical productions - with peaks around 30%."

Jeff Yates
Director of Software Engineering
Animation Products

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