Intel Innovation  |  March 2009
Genius. Is it something you’re born with or something we can learn? Forty years ago a touch of it inspired the first microprocessor, a tiny silicon chip that gives everyone a touch of genius. Technology developers keep putting their imaginations into overdrive, so our microprocessors keep advancing with more capabilities and more ingenuity. Now everyone has a chance to dream big dreams or do great things by finding their genius inside.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month in March, take a look inside at the latest technology innovations that are enabling women to pursue their passions and climb even greater heights.
Intel Technologies Address the Leading Cause of Death for Women in the U.S.
One in three adult women has some form of cardiovascular disease, making it the leading cause of death for women...
Read More >
Digital Divide: Technology Enables an Emerging Female Middle Class
Intel is unique in that it has research and development teams (Intel Research) comprised of social scientists... Read More >
Dispelling the Common Myth: Boys are Not Better Than Girls in Math and Science
When asked what a typical computer programmer or engineer might look like, many visualize a young, white male. Read More >
Behind Every Great Technology is a Great Woman
Some of the brightest and most innovative women make their “home” inside of Intel, leading teams and developing and bringing... Read More >
Can You Hear the Glass Ceiling Shattering?
Recently, Intel announced its latest appointment of Intel Fellows, including the second woman, Dr. Genevieve Bell. Read More >
Seeing is Believing:
Exercise More, Forget Less

Intel Researcher Sunny Consolvo is part of an all-female team that is working on a concept technology for fitness called the UbiFitGarden. Read More >
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