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April 2 - 3, 2008 | Shanghai, China | Shanghai International Convention Center

IDF Keynotes, Transcripts & Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets & Press Briefings
Fact Sheet: Day Two News Highlights (PDF 141KB)
Fact Sheet: Day One News Highlights (PDF 173KB)
Briefing: Netbooks and Nettops - New Category of Emerging Internet Devices (PDF 3.4MB)
Day One Keynote Presentations
Opening Keynote - From PetaFLOPs to MilliWatts
Patrick Gelsinger
English (PDF 11.8MB) Chinese (PDF 6.8MB)
Personalizing Your Computing Experience
English (PDF 3.8MB) Chinese (PDF 3.8MB)
The Heart of A New Generation
Anand Chandrasekher
English (PDF 2.5MB) Chinese (PDF 2.4MB)
Day One Keynote Transcripts
Patrick Gelsinger (PDF 120KB)
Dadi Perlmutter (PDF 222KB)
Anand Chandrasekher (PDF 80KB)
Day Two Keynote Presentations
Intel Developer Forum - Day 2 Introduction
Wen-Hann Wang
English (PDF 985KB) Chinese (PDF 922KB)
Software: Unlocking the Opportunities on Intel Platforms
Renee James
English (PDF 2.6MB) Chinese (PDF 2.7MB)
Digital Transformation
Andrew A. Chien English (PDF 4.4MB) Chinese (PDF 4.4MB)
Day Two Keynote Transcripts
Renee James (PDF 85KB)

Day Zero Press Materials

General PR Materials
Fact Sheet (English): IDF Day Zero News (PDF 121KB)
Fact Sheet (Chinese): IDF Day Zero News (PDF 218KB)
Backgrounder: Carry Small, Live Large (PDF 197KB)
Day Zero Technology Demonstration Descriptions (PDF 739KB)
Research@Intel Blog: Mobility
Morning Mobility Session
Redefining Mobility Research: Carry Small, Live Large
Kevin Kahn
English (PDF 4.1MB) Chinese (PDF 4.3MB)
Live Large: Everyday Sensing and Perception for Mobile Devices
Andrew Chien
English (PDF 2.1MB) Chinese (PDF 2.3MB)
Carry Small: Enabling New Ultra Portable Form Factors through Multi-Radio Integration
Krishnamurthy Soumyanath
English (PDF 3.8MB)  
"Techsperts" from Intel China Research
Carry Small Display Large at ICRC
Wu Xiaoxin
English (PDF 73KB) Chinese (PDF 46KB)
Next Killer Apps: Media Mining Research at ICRC
Zhang Yimin
English (PDF 130KB) Chinese (PDF 150KB)
Automated Music Video Editor for Non-professionals
Patricia Wang
English (PDF 241KB) Chinese (PDF 280KB)
Program Future Tera-Scale Platforms Today
Wu Gansha
English (PDF 475KB) Chinese (PDF 483KB)
Compiler Technology for Many-Core Architecture
Zhang Peinan
English (PDF 113KB) Chinese (PDF 108KB)
Managed Runtime Systems for Modern Programming
Li Xiaofeng
English (PDF 115KB) Chinese (PDF 100KB)
Advanced MIMO Techniques for Mobile Broadband
May Wu
English (PDF 538KB) Chinese (PDF 514KB)
From L#NIC to FAP
Liu Dong
English (PDF 242KB) Chinese (PDF 239KB)
Driving the Future of Information Technology
Miao Kai
English (PDF 521KB) Chinese (PDF 501KB)