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Intel Chairman Unveils The World’s Most Remote Digital City
Amazon Effort Marks Global Movement to Bring Technology to the Next Billion People
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    Boat bringing equipment into Parintins
    A boat transporting the 60 donated desktop PCs to Parintins, Brazil, pulls into port.
    Lila Maia school arrival of computers A student at the Lila Maia School in Parintins, Brazil, helps an Intel employee unload 30 computers for the school’s first computer lab.
    Lila Maia students with PC Three students at the Lila Maia School in Parintins, Brazil, play with one of the first Internet-connected PCs installed in the school’s first computer lab.
    Technical team installing WiMax antenna at Lila school with kids A crowd of students cheer on the installation of an antenna on the Lila Maia School’s roof in Parintins, Brazil. The antenna receives high-speed wireless signals, providing Internet access to the school’s first computer lab.
    Training of 24 teachers Twenty-four teachers in Parintins, Brazil, learn how to use technology to enhance classroom learning. The teachers work at two local schools that were recently equipped with their first computers labs.
    WiMax antenna at Parintins Before the installation of the high-speed computer network, Parintins, Brazil, was electronically connected to the outside world through a satellite uplink that enabled dial-up Internet access. Intel Corporation worked with Embratel, a Brazilian telecommunications company, to improve this satellite uplink to handle high-speed Internet.