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Intel News Release
Intel Recognized for Innovation in Health Care and the Advancement of Better Communications between Patients and their Care Teams

SAN FRANCISCO, March 18, 2009 - Frost & Sullivan today recognized the Intel® Health Guide, a management tool designed for health care professionals who manage patients with chronic conditions, with the 2009 North American Home Health Devices Product of the Year Award. The distinction, which will be presented tonight at Frost & Sullivan's Excellence in Medical Technologies & Life Sciences Awards Banquet, is given each year to the company that has demonstrated excellence in new product development and introductions within its industry.

The Intel Health Guide received 510(k) market clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July and has been available since the end of 2008. The comprehensive personal health system combines an in-home patient device the Intel® Health Guide PHS6000 with an online interface the Intel® Health Care Management Suite allowing clinicians to monitor patients in their homes and manage care remotely.

Frost & Sullivan said it recognized Intel's advances in innovative technology and care management in the health care space. The Health Guide integrates the work of social scientists, human factors engineers and interface design experts to create tools to offer more personalized and efficient management of chronic health conditions in the home.

"The Intel Health Guide symbolizes technology revolution in health care, allowing a higher standard of patient care," said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Aarti Shetty. "A powerful care management tool comprising a suite of intelligent capabilities, it has set the ball rolling for modern marvels in patient monitoring by allowing patient-physician interaction via Intel's multi-faceted telehealth platform."

"The Intel Health Guide is the result of years of ethnographic research into the needs of the worldwide aging population," said Mariah Scott, director of sales and marketing, Intel Digital Health Group. "By combining our research with our technology expertise, we are uniquely poised to address the challenges of today's health care environment. It is an honor to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan for the Intel Health Guide, our first in a series of products that will help extend care from the hospital to the home."

To choose the recipient of this award, the Frost & Sullivan analyst team tracks all new product launches, R&D spending, products in development, and new product features and modifications each year. This is accomplished through interviews with market participants, and extensive secondary and technology research. All new product launches and products in development in each company are compared and evaluated based on their degree of innovation and customer satisfaction. Frost & Sullivan then presents the award to the company ranked No. 1 in overall product success.

The Health Guide promotes greater patient engagement and more efficient care management by enabling communication between patients and health care professionals and providing clinicians with access to the most current, actionable data. The guide offers interactive tools for personalized care management and includes vital sign collection, patient reminders, surveys, multimedia educational content, and feedback and communications tools such as video conferencing and alerts. Clinicians have ongoing access to data so that they can better manage each patient's conditions while patients benefit from customized care in the comfort of their own home.

More information is available at www.intel.com/go/healthguide.