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Intel Expands Research And Development In China

Asia-Pacific Research & Development Ltd. Established in Shanghai

SHANGHAI, China, Sept.15, 2005 - Intel Corporation today announced the establishment of Asia-Pacific Research and Development Ltd. in China (Asia-Pacific R&D Ltd.) based in Shanghai's Zizhu Science Park. The announcement is part of the company's ongoing effort to embrace the growing pool of technical talents in China to enhance local R&D capabilities and to deliver time-to-market, customized platforms and solutions for markets across Asia Pacific and the world.

The expansion of Intel R&D activities in Shanghai recognizes the city's growing importance as a regional business and technology center and China's leading role in the development and adoption of advanced computing and communication technologies.

"China has one of the world's most compelling combinations of R&D talents and market potential," said Wee Theng Tan, president of Intel China. "As a leading technology market with a growing number of highly trained researchers and technologists, China is creating the kind of dynamic environment that is an impetus to great R&D. Intel is committed to working with the local industry to help bring Chinese innovation into the world."

Asia-Pacific R&D Ltd. will focus on product development and platform-level innovations from all Intel product & technology groups, including the Digital Home Group, Digital Enterprise Group, Mobility Group, Channel Platforms Group, Digital Health Group, Software and Solutions Group, and Information Services & Technology Group.

"China is evolving from a manufacturing-based economy to a broader, diverse economy and includes innovation through world-class education, and research and development efforts," said Boon Lock Yeo, general manager of Intel Asia-Pacific R&D Ltd. "Asia-Pacific R&D Ltd. is a full-scale facility with advanced product development to deliver innovative products designed for China and the world. We have recruited, and will continue to attract top local and global talents and will continue the collaborative efforts with universities and government to support R&D programs and cultivate future technology talents in China."

With continued strong growth expected across the region, Intel is planning for Asia-Pacific R&D Ltd. to employ more than 1,000 employees by the end of 2006. The facilities at Shanghai's Zizhu Science Park can accommodate up to 2,000 employees. The staff includes software and hardware engineers along with employees who deliver and support products, and manage business functions such as marketing, planning, management and business support services.

For more than two decades, Intel has invested nearly 1.3 billion dollars to China and cultivated a workforce of over 5,000 talented professionals. R&D has been a huge part of the company's investment since it first established the software labs in China in 1994.

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