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Intel Brings MMX™ Technology To Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture-Based Wireless Devices

Intel® Wireless MMX™ Technology and First Memory Subsystem Software Designed to Enhance Multimedia, Graphics and Security Applications for Wireless Phones, PDAs

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 10, 2002 - To bring a greater experience for users of wireless communications devices, Intel Corporation today introduced new technologies for the company's Intel StrataFlash® and Intel® XScale® technology based product lines. Together, Intel® Wireless MMX™ technology, Intel® Persistent Storage Manager and Intel® Flash Data Integrator will help bring the richness and exciting content of PC applications to wireless and handheld products using Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel PCA) building blocks.

Intel Wireless MMX technology is an advanced set of multimedia instructions taken in large part from the Intel® Architecture, helping to enable developers to bring the power of a proven, 64-bit, parallel, multimedia architecture to future processors based on the Intel XScale microarchitecture. This will assist existing PC application developers already familiar with Intel MMX technology to easily port their multimedia-rich software to Intel PCA. For those creating applications specifically for the wireless and handheld market segments, this provides a general-purpose set of multimedia instructions that will help enable developers to rapidly bring advanced multimedia and security applications such as, 2D and 3D gaming, streaming MPEG4 video, wireless encryption/decryption, voice recognition and digital editing to market.

"Intel Wireless MMX technology helps bring desktop-like multimedia capabilities to the Intel XScale technology in a way that helps increase performance while minimizing the power needed to run rich applications," said Ron Smith, senior vice president and general manager, Intel Wireless Communications and Computing Group. "Bringing the hundreds of thousands of MMX-based applications from the Intel® Pentium® processor family to the Intel PCA family will help accelerate the deployment of rich wireless devices and further extend the advanced capabilities of our building blocks."

Intel Wireless MMX is the latest technology in a full suite of common tools and capabilities for developing applications across Intel architectures. Intel and key third parties will provide developers with a comprehensive set of development and optimization tools to speed the creation of optimized applications using Intel Wireless MMX instructions. The new Intel® XScale Microarchitecture Software Development Tools debuts in beta today and include a compiler, debuggers and simulators with Intel Wireless MMX technology support. To further extend the portability of applications from the PC, optimization tools like Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer and Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives, used today, are expected to support Intel Wireless MMX instructions in upcoming versions. Participants in the Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture Developer Network will have early access to these tools to begin software development.

Intel Wireless MMX technology is supported by leading operating systems including WindowsCE.NET 4.1, SymbianOS, Palm OSv.5 and Linux from MontaVista and Embedix.

New Flash Software
As more and more multimedia and security content is added to wireless and handheld applications, significant demands are being put on device memory and storage resources. To help flash subsystems support these applications, Intel has delivered the first memory subsystem for Intel PCA with its latest versions of its Persistent Storage Manager (Intel PSM) and Flash Data Integrator (Intel FDI) software that is optimized for its industry leading Intel StrataFlash memory.

Intel PSM and FDI software allow wireless applications to run directly out of flash memory by a process called "execute-in-place," thereby using less power, helping to increase performance and helping to protect against data loss. By taking full advantage of the high-density, low-cost code of Intel StrataFlash memory, Intel PSM and FDI work toward using every bit of memory resulting in high storage efficiency on any size of data solution for wireless devices.

More than 100 million cellular devices with Intel StrataFlash memory have been shipped to date. Intel PSM and FDI are included with Intel StrataFlash memory purchases and are now available for third-party developers as part of the Intel PCA Developer Network. The latest Intel PSM and FDI software versions are specifically designed for the needs of wireless devices based on the Intel PXA family of processors. For more information, visit

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