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NeoVision, Nasdaq and Intel Enhance Tracking of Equities for Investors on

New Investment Tool, Previously Used Exclusively by Financial Professionals, Now Available to Retail Investors and the Public

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - April 25, 2001 - NeoVision and The Nasdaq Stock Market Inc. today announced the launch of NeoVision's Heatmaps® technology. The technology, which Intel Corporation and NeoVision enhanced together to run optimally on Intel-based PCs and servers, is an investment product that allows users to visually track the leading Nasdaq equities on for free.

The availability of the Heatmaps "visualization" technology on - one of the most popular financial sites on the web, averaging more than seven million page views per day - complements current features provided on the site that are geared towards providing all users with comprehensive and timely data on the financial markets, individual securities and investing. Heatmaps, which have been licensed to more than 150,000 professional traders and portfolio managers since 1996, offer users live colorful pictures of financial information, dynamically changing, so that they can quickly spot opportunities, detect trends and follow their investments - all at a glance.

"Our effort with provides current and potential investors with a financial tool more advanced than anything of its kind," said NeoVision President and CEO Brian M. Barefoot. "The Heatmaps technology has proven itself in the industry and become an indispensable tool for professional traders and portfolio managers. We've now made this technology more broadly available to anyone who has access to the Web."

"As a leading on line source of financial information, is always looking for new features to add to the valuable and current information on the financial markets and investing we offer users," said Don Bosic, Senior Vice President, Nasdaq® Interactive Services. "With Heatmaps now available on the Web, the everyday investor can easily gauge what is moving the market on a given day and spot significant changes as they occur."

As part of Intel's broad Internet solutions enabling efforts for the financial services industry, Intel and NeoVision engineers worked closely together in an Intel Application Solution Center in Chandler, Ariz., to tune and enhance Heatmaps performance on the Intel® Architecture. The result was an 800 percent performance improvement in the Heatmaps technology.

"Intel is pleased with the role we played in bringing leading-edge data visualization technology to users of," said Dan Russell, vice president, Intel Architecture Group. "Helping deliver innovative technologies that simplify the analysis of complex data is at the heart of Intel's efforts in the financial services industry."

About Heatmaps Technology
The Web-based Heatmaps are a streamlined consumer version of NeoVision's core Heatmaps technology. On, Heatmaps illustrate price changes and other statistics for the Nasdaq-100 stocks and the Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), which are index funds traded as separate securities. By rolling the mouse over the Heatmap, a chart and detailed information instantly pops up, providing instant access to company news, fundamentals, analyst information and more, for any of the stocks. A direct link to Heatmaps is prominently located in the homepage,

About Nasdaq
With over seven million page views per weekday, is a leading source for stock market information and key financial data on the Web. It provides online users with the following data and a host of other key information investors seek to make educated financial decisions:

  • Stock price and corporate information on individual stocks listed on all major U.S. securities markets;
  • Regular intra-day market updates and charts;
  • Information on initial public offering filings;
  • Personal finance;
  • Exchange traded funds;
  • Portfolio tracking, stock and mutual fund screening tools;
  • Extended hours trading;
  • Global market activity;
  • Recent financial news headlines and reports; and
  • I/B/E/S analyst earnings forecasts, ratings, and valuation ratios.
The Nasdaq Stock Market lists nearly 4,700 companies, trades more shares per day than any other U.S. market, and has a larger dollar volume of trades than the next three largest markets in the world combined. For more information about Nasdaq, visit the Nasdaq Web site at or the Nasdaq NewsroomSM at

About NeoVision
NeoVision is the leading provider of software solutions specializing in advanced visualization and decision support for the financial industry. The company's Heatmaps® software is licensed to information providers and financial institutions worldwide. Major customers include Bloomberg, Bridge Information Systems, and Merrill Lynch.

Heatmaps transform vast amounts of financial data and analytics into highly effective and dynamic visual displays. Heatmaps incorporate information from proprietary databases and real-time data vendors such as Bloomberg, Bridge Information Systems, and Reuters. Using Heatmaps, financial professionals make decisions faster and find opportunities that would otherwise be lost in a sea of data. For more information, visit or call 1-888-HEATMAP.

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