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Mattel And Intel Offer New Product from Intel® Play™ Line Of PC-Enhanced Toys

Intel® Play™ Me2Cam™ Computer Video Camera With Fun Fair™ CD-ROM Lets Kids See Themselves Play Inside Fun Computer Games

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Jan. 5, 2000 - Mattel and Intel Corporation introduced today the Intel® Play™ Me2Cam™ Computer Video Camera with Fun Fair™ CD-ROM, a PC-enhanced toy that actually puts children into the computer game where the child's body movements control the game's action.

The Intel Play Me2Cam Computer Video Camera is the second product launched under the Intel Play brand, and signals a new line of PC-enhanced toys designed and developed jointly by Mattel and Intel. Defining a new category of high-tech playthings, the Intel Play Me2Cam camera is available for purchase online now at an estimated retail price of $99, and will be available in March at toy and computer retailers nationwide.

The Intel Play Me2Cam camera plugs into a computer's USB port and rests on top of the computer monitor. Using digital image processing, the Intel Play Me2Cam camera takes a picture of the child's environment. Next, the personal computer processes this image, 'removes' the child's environment and replaces it with one of five animated worlds, such as a ski slope with obstacles or a dance club complete with a virtual band. When the child steps back in front of the camera, he or she appears on screen inside the animated world, where they use their body movements to control all the action in the games - no need for the mouse or the keyboard! Combining modern digital camera technology with PC-based image and video processing, the Intel Play Me2Cam camera delivers rich and interactive play right on the computer screen for children ages four and up.

With the Intel Play Me2Cam Computer Video Camera with Fun Fair CD-ROM, children can enjoy interacting in a fantasy world that is alive and responsive to their body movements. Fun and exciting to use, the Intel Play Me2Cam camera invites children to play and interact in five different virtual settings right on their computer screen, all while building a child's motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sense of accomplishment as the games react to the child's movements.

System requirements for the Intel Play Me2Cam system include: a computer that is USB enabled; Windows 98; Intel® Pentium® or Celeron® processor with 233 MHz or faster; 32 MB of RAM; minimum 65 MB of free hard disk space; 8X CD-ROM; 640x480 display; 16-bit color; 16-bit Windows-compatible sound device; video and sound compatible with DirectX; standard mouse and keyboard.

Consumers can find more information and "test drive" the Intel Play Me2Cam camera at, a Mattel supported Web site. Mattel manufactures, markets and distributes the Intel Play Me2Cam™ camera.

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