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Intel Introduces 550 MHz Pentium® III Processor for the Desktop

Fastest Intel Processor Designed for the Internet

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 17, 1999 - Intel Corporation today introduced the 550 MHz Intel® Pentium® III processor. The Pentium III processor is designed to power an Internet experience filled with rich audio, video, animations and 3-D that make information come alive. The 550 MHz Pentium III processor is available now in volume and is in systems from several major PC manufacturers, as well as in a boxed format from Intel product dealers and resellers.

"The 550 MHz Pentium III processor enables powerful computers to run the next generation of productivity and media rich applications in modern multitasking operating systems, both on and off the Internet," said Pat Gelsinger, vice president and general manager, Intel Desktop Products Group. "The Pentium III processor's Internet Streaming SIMD Extensions Instruction Set has been a hit with software developers resulting in numerous optimized Web sites and software applications available today."

Performance for Today's and Tomorrow's Applications
For users who interact with the Internet or data-rich applications, the most important advances are the Pentium III processor's high clock speed and its Internet Streaming SIMD Extensions - 70 new instructions that dramatically enhance the performance of advanced imaging, 3-D, streaming audio, video, and speech recognition applications. With all the power needed for the next generation of Internet-enabled software, Pentium III processors will continue to deliver an exceptional experience for PC users well into the future. The Pentium III processor at 550 MHz is 108 percent faster than the Intel Pentium II processor at 450 MHz on CPU intensive 3-D calculations, as shown by Ziff-Davis' 3D WinBench* 99 transform and lighting test. Using Futuremark's MultimediaMark* multimedia performance benchmark, the Pentium III processor at 550 MHz is 53 percent faster than the 450 MHz Pentium II processor. For more information on Pentium III processor performance visit

The 550 MHz Pentium III processor is being delivered on PC platforms based on the industry mainstream Intel 440BX AGPset, which provides the performance and flexibility to scale with Intel's newest processor along with a proven platform for business deployment.

Intel WebOutfitterSM Service Update
This June, Intel will introduce a music-oriented theme to its Intel WebOutfitter service ( Introduced in March, the Intel WebOutfitter service delivers cutting-edge content, tools and tutorials that are designed to enhance the Internet experience for consumers of Pentium III processor-based computers. As a result of a collaboration with Launch Media, ArtistDirect,, SFX Entertainment,, Liquid Audio, Mixman, Global Music Network and, Intel will provide music lovers with one comprehensive location where users can turn their performance PCs into virtual music gateways. Additional information about this theme will be available closer to the launch in June.

Product Features and Pricing
The Pentium III processor core, with 9.5 million transistors, is based on Intel's advanced P6 microarchitecture and is manufactured on 0.25 micron process technology. The 550 MHz Pentium III processor, with 512 KB L2 cache and in SECC2 package, is available now in 1,000 unit quantities at $744 per unit. Pentium III processor also has been available in 450 and 500 MHz versions since February 26 of this year.

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Intel® Pentium® III Processor
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