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VA Research To Port Linux To Intel's IA-64 Architecture

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 2, 1999 -- Intel Corporation and VA Research Linux Systems today announced that they have signed an agreement for VA Research to port the Linux operating system to Intel's future IA-64 architecture. VA Research will deliver the optimized port, in synch with Merced-based system availability in mid 2000.

Under the agreement, Intel will support VA Research's efforts on porting and optimizing the full Linux operating environment for Merced-based systems. VA Research will deliver a performance-optimized operating system with configuration, tools and features for the high-end server and workstation market segments. Combining the Linux operating environment with the scalability and availability features of the Merced processor will provide a robust enterprise-computing platform.

"We look forward to working with VA Research on the development of Linux for the IA-64 product family and further extending industry commitment to the Merced processor," said Ron Curry, Intel IA-64 product marketing director. "Linux complements the existing portfolio of operating systems, providing an additional choice for the user of high-end systems based on Merced."

"VA Research sees this as a great opportunity to expand Linux's capabilities in the IA-based platform. This represents a new port for a new architecture, bringing with it new challenges," said Larry Augustin, president, VA Research. "VA Research will integrate the IA-64 port to the Linux standard base."

Additionally Hewlett-Packard and SGI have focused their efforts on Linux development for IA-64. HP will contribute operating system kernel expertise and system optimization technologies, and SGI will provide operating system and compiler technologies to further extend the robustness of the Linux port.

"HP is one of the pioneers in the development effort for Linux. The open source model for operating system development will result in a fully optimized Linux for the IA-64 architecture benefiting the broad range of end users," said Fred Luiz, director of Hewlett-Packard Labs.

"As a pioneer in scalable systems, Silicon Graphics will also contribute its skills and experience in large memory systems, high bandwidth I/O and performance computing to Linux on IA-64 and we're excited to be part of that team," said Forest Baskett, chief technology officer, Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Working with leading Linux tool vendors, Intel is committed to enabling a robust IA-64 Linux development environment. Intel is working with the open source community and believes that this will foster innovation on all fronts. The two companies also disclosed that Intel is an investor in VA Research.

In addition, Caldera, Debian, RedHat and SuSE are strongly committed to delivering applications, utilities and the distribution of a comprehensive software solution stack. Enterprise system vendors such as Compaq, Dell and IBM have committed their support for this effort and have plans to deliver systems. Users of Merced-based enterprise servers and workstations will have an additional operating system choice available to them.

The Merced processor is the entry point product for Intel's IA-64 family of products, extending the Intel Architecture to the high-end of servers and workstations, while maintaining backwards compatibility with Intel's IA-32 product family.

VA Research Linux Systems is a leading provider of Linux-based hardware, software, service and support solutions. The first Linux systems company in the world, VA Research is a pioneer in providing high performance workstations and servers to enterprises and is at the forefront of the open source revolution. Based in Mountain View, Calif., the privately held company has been profitable since its formation in 1993 and has gained a reputation for innovation and responsiveness that is making it a leader in full service Linux solutions. For more information, contact VA Research at, (888) LINUX-4U or by sending email to

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