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Intel Enhances Mobile PC Performance With Two New Processors

Intel Ships First Microprocessor Built on 0.18 Micron Process Technology

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 14, 1999 - Intel Corporation today introduced the mobile Pentium® II and Intel® Celeron® processors at 400 MHz, two products that bring leading performance and features to the mobile market segment. The mobile Pentium II processor at 400 MHz is Intel's first processor built using Intel's 0.18 micron manufacturing process.

Specifically designed for performance mobile PCs, the mobile Pentium II processor 400 MHz comes in several tailored packaging designs in order to meet the demanding physical size, thermal and power consumption requirements of mobile users. For business users, PCs based on the mobile Pentium II processors deliver a stable computing platform, as well as the highest levels of performance, longevity and investment protection for today's increasingly complex business environment.

"Today's workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, and mobile Pentium II processors give users the processing power they need to be successful in the evolving Internet-based business world," said Frank Spindler, vice president and director of marketing of Intel's Mobile and Handheld Products Group. "These processors deliver the highest performance and capability to run demanding Internet, productivity and multimedia applications for businesses and consumers alike."

The mobile Intel Celeron processor 400 MHz, also available in several tailored packages, provides solid performance for today's applications and gives mobile consumers a great way to get started on the Internet for a low price.

Intel: First in the Industry with 0.18 Micron Processor Production
Intel is now building and shipping microprocessors manufactured using the company's industry-leading 0.18 micron process technology. The 0.18 micron manufacturing process allows the processor to become smaller, faster and more powerful than its 0.25 micron predecessors.

Intel's 0.18 micron process technology features industry-leading transistor performance using transistor gate lengths as small as 0.14 microns, a 2 nanometer (20 angstrom) gate oxide thickness and a CoSi2 (cobalt silicide) layer for low resistance. Interconnects feature six layers of aluminum and a low capacitance SiOF insulator for high performance.

Product Features, Price and Availability
All Intel mobile Pentium II and Celeron processors support Intel's mobile-specific low power modes to help extend battery life in mobile PCs. These low power states include a Quick Start mode which reduces power to just 0.5 watts and a deep sleep power mode where power is at a mere 0.15 watt. To further address the unique thermal requirements of mobile PCs, these processors operate on a reduced internal core voltage of 1.6 volts.

The mobile Pentium II processor 400 MHz is now manufactured on both Intel's 0.18 micron and 0.25 process technologies and includes 256 K of integrated level 2 cache. In order to provide maximum design flexibility to system vendors, this processor is available in four packaging options: mini-cartridge, BGA, micro PGA and the Intel Mobile Module. This allows vendors to integrate the fastest Intel processors in their current notebook designs easily, and allows corporations to purchase the latest systems without having to do a costly system qualification. In 1000 unit quantities, the mobile Pentium II processor 400 MHz is available to manufacturers for $530 (BGA/PGA package).

The mobile Intel Celeron processor 400 MHz is manufactured on the Intel 0.25 micron process and contains 128 K of integrated level 2 cache. In 1000 unit quantities, the mobile Intel Celeron processor at 400 MHz is $187 (BGA/PGA package).

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