Intel Press Release

Intel® WebOutfitterSM Service Brings New Internet Experiences To Owners Of Pentium® III Processor-Based PCs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug., 17, 1999 - In the third theme of the Intel® WebOutfitterSM Service (, Intel Corporation has brought together a collection of key players in digital photography to offer one location for members to access new technologies and services exclusively for Pentium® III processor-based PCs.

First introduced in March 1999, the Intel WebOutfitter service offers the latest tips, applications and tools based on specific themes to help owners of Pentium III processor-based PCs get the most from their performance PCs.

With its "Digital Photography" theme, the Intel WebOutfitter Service enables members to easily capture, create and communicate with digital images -- both on and off the Net -- while learning about and experiencing digital photography through tutorials, interactive demos, hands-on activities and special offers. Intel WebOutfitter Service members will have exclusive early access to Adobe's new ActiveShare* software, an application that makes it intuitive and easy to import, resize, rotate and improve photos as well as post photos to the Internet.

In addition, Theme 3 offers service members access to a wide range of Web sites, special offers and information broken down into three sections offering an easy way to learn about and experience digital photography.

When users click on "Capture," they will get advice and tips that make digital photography simple and illustrate how they can get pictures into their PCs. Members can choose to have their own photos placed on a CD when they develop film using Kodak Picture CD*, or may choose to use one of the 500 photos in a comprehensive library of free photographs available through PNI MediaQuest*.

Clicking on "Create" brings up a menu of different projects and ideas for getting creative with photographs. For example, members can learn how to turn their favorite photos into works of art, or create an online multimedia slideshow using Real SlideShow*.

"Communicate" offers an easy way to share photos over the Web using postcards available by, and Children's Television Workshop's StickerWorld* enables kids to create, collect and trade digital-photo e-stickers. Additionally, members can build digital-photo templates for their own Web sites, share photos on their own family Web sites at, or pick up ideas for photo-personalized gifts using iPrint* and ArcSoft*.

The Intel WebOutfitter Service provides advice from experts, feature articles, and user support as well as newsgroups where members can exchange information with fellow Pentium III processor-based PC owners and experts. Intel makes it easy for members of the service to enjoy their Pentium III processor-based PCs to the fullest by creating one place on the Net to get plug-ins and other add-ons. The software necessary to explore the service has been tested by Intel to ensure that it works together, and is available both on the site and on the Intel WebOutfitter Service Tool Kit CD-ROM

Over the past six months, has featured two additional themes, both currently available at the service. "Navigating Cyberspace" features 3-D search tools, incisive advice from experts, and a selection of newly available Internet content from Excite, CNN and CBS Sportsline. "Music Spins a New Web," is the result of a collaboration with top music industry players, such as Launch Media, ArtistDirect,,, Liquid Audio, Mixman, Global Music Network and, providing music fans with one location to experience, interact with, purchase and explore music on their PCs. Intel will introduce a new theme to the Intel WebOutfitter Service approximately every sixty days to focus on specific technology topics and combine editorial material with product trials and demos.

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