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New Intel® Pentium® II and Celeron® Processors Complete 1998 Desktop Processor Line-up

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 24, 1998 Intel Corporation today introduced its fastest processor ever for mainstream Performance PCs, entry-level servers and workstations, and two new basic PC processors that offer Intel quality and dependability at a great value. The new Pentium® II processor 450 MHz provides the highest levels of computing performance for a wide range of productivity and entertainment applications, while the Intel® Celeron® processors 333 MHz and 300A MHz enable reliable Basic PC systems on which to run today's common PC programs. These processors complete Intel's 1998 desktop processor line up.

"Intel's new Pentium II and Celeron processors enable an attractive new field of PCs for the current back-to-school and upcoming holiday buying seasons," said Sean Maloney, corporate vice president, Intel Sales and Marketing Group. "Pentium II processors, combined with some of the most competitive new PC prices in years, enable great systems for today and the future, while PCs based on the new Intel Celeron processors deliver a great value and help open the door to computing for new PC users."

The Pentium II processor 450 MHz delivers up to a 10 percent* performance improvement over the Pentium II processor 400 MHz, and it provides maximum investment protection to business and consumer users. Entry-level servers and workstations also benefit greatly from the Pentium II processor's increased performance. New systems based on this processor run a wide range of common and emerging business applications, and they help relieve the graphics and information bottlenecks common to single- and dual-processor systems. All of these systems run on the 100-MHz system bus, allowing faster communication between the processor and other parts of the computer system.

The Intel Celeron processors 333 MHz and 300A MHz include 128 KB of integrated Level 2 cache on the processor core. These additions to the Celeron processor product family are capable of running today's common business and consumer PC applications, as well as opening the door to the Internet for the growing number of new PC users. Designed to meet the specific needs of Basic PC users, the Intel Celeron processors 333 MHz and 300A MHz deliver up to a 38 percent* and 25 percent* performance improvement, respectively, over the Intel Celeron processor 300 MHz.

Product Features, Price and Availability
The Pentium II processor 450 MHz, which is built around Intel's industry-leading P6 microarchitecture and is supported by the Intel 440BX AGPset, is also offered at 400, 350, 333, 300, 266 and 233 MHz speeds. In 1,000-unit quantities, the Pentium II processor 450 MHz costs $669, and is available today in systems from leading PC manufacturers. Boxed Pentium II processors, SE440BX motherboards for PCs, and N440BX motherboards for high-volume servers are now available from Intel product dealers and resellers.

The Intel Celeron processors are now offered at 333 MHz and 300A MHz speeds (both with 128 KB of integrated L2 cache on the processor core), and the 300 MHz and 266 MHz speeds (without integrated L2 cache). In 1,000-unit quantities, Intel Celeron processors 333 MHz and 300A MHz cost $192 and $149, respectively. These processors are supported by the Intel 440EX AGPset and are well-suited for a broad range of Basic PC motherboard designs. Both processors are now available in systems today from major PC manufacturers. Boxed Intel Celeron processors and the accompanying MU440EX Micro ATX motherboards are also available from Intel product dealers and resellers.

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