Intel Press Release

Intel Unveils Network PCs With Industry Leaders

NEW YORK, June 16, 1997 Industry leaders joined Intel today to formally unveil the Network PC (Net PC), a business PC designed specifically to enable central administration and help reduce PC support costs. Many PC manufacturers this week are announcing Net PCs for shipment in the third quarter with a wide range of Intel processor-based performance.

With broad industry support, the Net PC is spurring the adoption of advanced management technologies in all business computers, aided by Intel's Wired for Management initiative. Today, highlighting Net PCs and other managed PCs, Intel demonstrated applications ranging from remote system configuration to three-dimensional decision support for sales management. In addition, executives of two leading U.S. corporations Prudential and Pennzoil described their Net PC pilot programs, demonstrating remote systems management and on-the-job training.

"Intel's goal for the Net PC platform was to speed the adoption of advanced management technologies without compromise," said Mike Aymar, vice president and general manager of Intel's Desktop Products Group. "Now Intel and the industry are delivering on that goal."

Today's unveiling featured Net PCs from Compaq Computer Corp., Dell Computer Corp and Hewlett-Packard Co. who co-authored the Network PC System Design Guidelines with Intel and Microsoft Acer America Corp., Gateway 2000 Inc., IBM Corp., Mitac International Corp., Mitsubishi Electric PC Company, NEC Computer Systems Division, Pionex Technologies, Unisys Corp., and Zenith Data Systems.

The Net PC's advanced management technologies enable enhanced management services such as remote system configuration, software installations and upgrades, off-hours maintenance, problem resolution and asset management. Using these capabilities, a company's Information Systems department can manage the Net PC's inherent versatility to tailor solutions that meet specific user needs for Windows*-based applications, Java* and other business applications.

Net PCs are appropriate for task-oriented users who require no hardware expandability. The systems usually will contain no floppy disk drive, CD-ROM or hardware expansion slots, allowing a sealed case and often a small size.

"The Net PC is a sound choice for business with its combination of software versatility and dramatically reduced support costs," said Moshe Dunie, vice president, Microsoft Windows Operating System Division. "The Net PC can also take advantage of Microsoft's forthcoming Zero Administration Kit to enable lock-out of all but the required applications, further aiding central control of distributed environments."

Intel's building blocks for Net PCs and managed PCs range from processors, chipsets and motherboards to networking hardware and software. Like other business PCs, Net PCs cover a wide performance range from entry-level to Pentium® II processor-based systems, allowing manufacturers to deliver various systems at popular price points. Intel recently hosted a compatibility testing series at which PC makers tested Net PCs and managed PCs for interoperability and for consistency with industry and Intel guidelines. In that testing, in pilot programs and in today's demonstrations, Intel's LANDesk® Configuration Manager technology provided the management services.

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