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Intel Connected Car PC Technology Demonstrated At World's Largest Automotive Show

Intel and CitroŽn Show First Connected Car PC at IAA

FRANKFURT, Germany, Sept. 9, 1997 Ė Today car enthusiasts got a glimpse of how Intel's Connected Car PC technology can provide navigation and real-time information to drivers and entertainment to passengers. At Internationale Automobile Ausstellung (IAA), the world's largest automotive show, CitroŽn SA unveiled the Xsara, the first automobile equipped with Intel's Connected Car PC technology.

Intel has been working with technology leaders in the automotive, computer, consumer electronics and communication industries to develop Pentium® processor-based computing platforms that offer entertainment, communication, information and navigation in a safe-to-use format.

Show attendees will see how passengers in the CitroŽn Xsara are entertained by a DVD film with Dolby Surround Sound Stereo, while the RDS-Radio continually updates the driver with the latest traffic news. On request, the Connected Car PC picks up the travelers' incoming e-mail and, using a text to speech converter, reads it to them. Up to date information on weather, traffic and tourism can also be downloaded on demand by the Connected Car PC from the Internet. The Xsara, featuring Intel's Connected Car PC technology, is a partial demonstration of the capabilities of an open PC architecture system based on Intel's Pentium processor.

"The car is a natural extension for the PC platform to deliver value to the driver as well as the passenger. We are pleased to see CitroŽn take the lead in extending the value of the PC to the car," said Ron J. Smith, vice president and general manager of Intel's Computing Enhancement Group. "This is the same technology that entertains us at home, makes us competitive at the office, and allows us to stay "connected" while we travel."

Automotive Manufacturer Benefits While Intel's Connected Car PC technology provides consumers with entertainment, communication, navigation and information, it also provides automotive manufacturers with a highly flexible computing platforms that can be adapted to any application. "Intel's PC Technology is enabling CitroŽn to develop affordable Connected Car PC's. Consumers can benefit because multiple functions are integrated in one system. This provides drivers and passengers with information, communication and entertainment in a safe and easy-to-use way," said Vincent Besson, marketing director, Board of Directors of Automobile CitroŽn SA.

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