Intel Press Release

Intel Corporation Brings a Taste of Tomorrow's Computing to Portland with Giant-Sized Personal Computer

Interactive Exhibit Allows Visitors at "America's Smithsonian" to Explore How PCs Have Changed the World -- and Check Out What's in Store for the Future of Computing

PORTLAND, Ore., March 28, 1997 -- A 14-foot-tall computer monitor, a coffee cup the size of a hot tub and a talking microprocessor all greet visitors at a unique interactive exhibit that will soon arrive in Portland, Ore. Intel Corporation, a Corporate Partner in the Smithsonian Institution's 150th anniversary celebration, is mounting this virtual "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" technology exhibit as part of the world's largest traveling exhibition, "America's Smithsonian," which opens in Portland on April 3.

Designed to allow people to see, touch and experience the power of personal computing -- and even to walk through the inside of a huge PC -- the Intel exhibit celebrates the excitement of computing, highlighting the 25th anniversary of Intel's own contribution to modern history: the introduction of the microprocessor.

"Our exhibit allows visitors to get to know computing on a whole new level," said Dr. Andrew S. Grove, Intel's president and chief executive officer. "The personal computer has come a long way since its roots as a calculating device. It is becoming the tool we use to communicate -- using words, pictures and sounds -- with our families, friends and colleagues around the world. This exhibit allows Intel to share with people across the country our excitement about computing technology and the potential it holds for us all."

A Multimedia Journey
Visitors to Intel's 3000-square-foot exhibit embark on a thrilling multimedia journey through the history of key innovations, from the printing press through today's most powerful Intel microprocessor. They walk into and explore the 14-foot-tall PC, surrounded by giant circuitry that pulses and glows with energy. Here they meet the "brain" of the modern computer, the microprocessor. Through animated special effects, the microprocessor comes to life, welcoming visitors and introducing them to people from all walks of life who use computers every day, including teachers and students.

The centerpiece of the exhibit is an environmental theater housing a presentation entitled "More Than You Ever Imagined." Once inside this "electronic fantasy" environment, the audience becomes part of a whirlwind investigation into the computer revolution. Their host: Chip, the Microprocessor. Their destination: the past, present and future of the Information Age.

Upon leaving the theater, visitors get a chance to experience for themselves several of the emerging applications that are expected to make their way into more and more homes in the near future. Using PCs located in the exhibit, participants can "surf" the World Wide Web and visit sites created by Intel and the Smithsonian, including an experimental 3-D area on the Smithsonian's home page where they can "walk through" an on-line exhibit and visit a museum of the future.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to "test drive" the Intel Video Phone, a new video conferencing product which is currently available on higher-end Pentium® processor-based systems. The Intel Video Phone enables people to use their PC to see and hear family and friends over regular phone lines! Visitors will be able to experience this new technology first-hand by placing free calls to the friendly folks at the Intel Call Center.

Intel Sponsoring Other Events in the Portland Area
In addition to the exhibit, Intel is sponsoring a number of events in the Portland area designed to appeal to people of all ages. For example, Intel hosted a PC DadsSM event on March 25 at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, featuring fun and entertaining "techno/edutainment" geared toward educating students, parents and teachers about the exciting possibilities of today's home personal computing. The PC Dads is a program started by two Intel employees (who also happen to be parents) who felt they could cut through the sometimes bewildering techno-talk and help educate people about computers in a down-to-earth and appealing way.

Intel is also sponsoring an "Invention of the Future" contest for middle school students in Portland and the surrounding vicinities. This contest invites students to imagine possible inventions and submit a drawing and written explanation of that invention. Ten finalists and their families will be invited to the exclusive "Intel Night" at the "America's Smithsonian" exhibition on April 9. The grand prize winner of the contest will be announced that night. First prize is two 200 MHz Pentium processor-based systems with MMX™ technology -- one for the winning student and one for his/her school. The winning application will also hang in the Intel exhibit for the remainder of the tour and will then be put on display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

For Tickets and Information
"America's Smithsonian" and the Intel exhibit are both free and will be open to the public from April 3 through May 6 at the Portland Expo Center. The exhibit hours will be from 10:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. There will be special events and hours for school groups. For ticket information, call 1-800-913-TOUR.

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