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Cannes International Film Festival To Honor Intel C.E.O. Andrew S. Grove With Cinema Digital Technologies Award

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 22, 1997 – Intel Corporation C.E.O. Andrew S. Grove will receive the first-ever Cinema Digital Technologies Award at the 1997 International Film Festival at Cannes, France. The award announcement was made today in Paris, along with the selection of films for this year's Festival.

The Festival's announcement credited Grove and Intel with creating a new generation of digital technologies, such as MMX™ media enhancement technology, which enhances full-motion video, real-time animation, 3D graphics, and surround-sound audio on the personal computer.

"Intel's technological innovations give birth to unmatched realism, video, dynamic lighting effects, manipulation of images, and stunning 3D graphics, all of which benefit the movie industry," said Pierre Viot, president of the Festival.

"It is a great honor for Intel to be chosen for the first Cinema Digital Technologies Award by the prestigious International Film Festival during its 50th anniversary celebration," said Grove. "We believe the Visual Connected PC is a new medium for film industry content. This new entertainment platform has the potential to combine traditional movie content with the interactive capabilities of the PC and to open up new opportunities for creative talent worldwide."

Intel has been leading the PC industry's drive to create more powerful PCs with MMX™ technology that complement film industry efforts to deliver exciting new content to global audiences. In Hollywood, Intel established a Media Lab at the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to allow film makers and other creative talent to explore this new digital medium.

Intel is also helping content creators incorporate MMX technology into video and audio editing, 3D imaging and compositing. Creators benefit from faster frame rates, improved picture quality and enhanced audio capabilities of MMX technology, which enhances the new kinds of interactive animation now emerging on the Internet and will improve playback of movies on DVD drives.

The Cinema Digital Technologies Award will be presented to Grove on May 16 during the annual International Film Festival in Cannes. More information can be found at

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