Intel Press Release

Intel Executive Office Realigns

SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 13, 1997 The company said today that Intel's three-person Executive Office will shift titles effective May 21, 1997.

Dr. Craig R. Barrett, 57, chief operating officer, will move from executive vice president to president. Dr. Andrew S. Grove, 60, chief executive officer, will move from president to chairman of the board. Dr. Gordon E. Moore, 68, will move from chairman to chairman emeritus. The three will continue to comprise the company's Executive Office.

"This series of moves is part of the ongoing management transition process at Intel," Dr. Moore said. "We named Craig an executive vice president in 1990, and chief operating officer three years later. He has been the operational head of the company during a period of extraordinary growth, and he has done an outstanding job. We're very pleased to see him step up to the post of president," Moore said.

"Craig is the guy who keeps the Intel machine running," Grove said. " He is the architect of our manufacturing system and the principal driver behind our management methods and culture. In recent years I have shifted my activities to more of an industry focus; without Craig in place, this wouldn't have been possible," Grove said.

Dr. Barrett is a native of San Francisco. He received undergraduate and doctoral degrees in material science at Stanford University, and was a faculty member there prior to joining Intel in 1974 as Technology Development Manager. He later headed manufacturing and managed the company's Microcomputer Components Group, the organization responsible for Intel's microprocessor products. He has been chief operating officer for four years and a member of Intel's Board of Directors for five years.

Dr. Barrett is the author of a textbook on materials science, as well as more than 40 technical papers. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and was the 1969 recipient of the AIME Hardy Gold Medal.

Barrett chairs the U.S. government's Semiconductor Technology Council and is a director of the Semiconductor Industry Association and Sematech.

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