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Intel® Pentium® III Processor
Small matrix library

The Small Matrix Library (SML) is an implementation of common matrix and vector operations specifically optimized for Intel® Pentium® II and Intel® Pentium® III architecture. The library includes C++ classes for matrices and vectors with sizes varying from 1x1 to 6x6; low-level functions from the library may be used directly in programs written in the C language. C++ classes include overloaded functions for such common operations as addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. with very low overhead.

SML combines considerable performance gains with a convenient user interface. In particular, multiplication of two 6x6 matrices is executed in 652 processor cycles on the Intel® Pentium® II processor and 307 cycles on the Intel® Pentium® III processor. Among other examples, inversion of 6x6 matrix on Intel® Pentium® III requires 625 cycles and LU decomposition of 30x30 matrix can be executed in less than 70K cycles.

The library requires Microsoft Visual* C++ 5.x or later compiler and Intel® C/C++ Compiler version 4.0 or later to build the Intel® Pentium® III version of the library.

Application notes
The following set of application notes details how to improve the performance of small size matrix operations using the Intel® Pentium® III processor.

Articulated body demo
Download an articulated body demo (.ZIP file, 10.28MB) and its accompanying video file to view a real-time application which uses the Intel® Pentium® III processor to speed up a physical simulation of a velociraptor exploring its environment.

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