Intel® Workstation Platforms Product Brief
Workstations based on the new Intel® Microarchitecture, codenamed Nehalem, are designed for intelligent performance, new levels of energy efficiency, and flexible expandability giving workstation users unprecedented time-to-results in quieter, cooler and potentially smaller form-factors.
Result: Users can iterate and innovate faster to compress ...the time between the idea and a product.
Intel’s family of workstation platforms provides you with a range of options to meet your needs. They give you the tools to multi-task more productively, iterate through alternatives faster and innovate more.
Digital Workbench: Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series with the Intel® 5500 Series Chipsets
• These dual-processor-capable platforms transform workstations into workstation supercomputers that provide breakthrough performance and energy efficiency to visualize larger and more complex data.
• Intelligent performance technology adapts to mega-tasking workloads, allocating more performance to demanding applications when available.
• Smarter caches improve access time to application data, and I/O expansion meets the most demanding workflow and graphics requirements providing the power to solve and visualize large-scale problems in the shortest time.
• Near-supercomputing performance power more “what ifs” than ever before, enables testing via simulation, and helps developers find design and implementation errors and issues earlier.
Entry Professional: Intel® Xeon® Processor W3500 Series with the Intel® X587 Express Chipset or the Intel® Core™2 Processor Family with the Intel® X38 Express Chipset
• Designed for single-processor, energy-efficient workstations that demand price-proficient performance, and professional-grade graphics solutions, to meet the ever-increasing computing and visualization needs of engineers, architects, designers, and video editors.
• Intel Xeon processor W3500 series offers dynamic processor performance to maximize workstation response, up to two professional graphics adapters, and the memory capacity demanded by larger, more complex models.
• Provide users with the capacity to quickly integrate data from disparate business systems across the enterprise and transform it into insights.
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