Intel® XMM™ 6255

Intel® XMM™ 6255

Intel® XMM™ 6255

Ultra Slim Modem for Internet of Things, 3G Smartphones, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Unconventional Client Devices

The Intel® XMM™ 6255 modem platform combines the Intel® X-GOLD™ 625 baseband and its integrated power management unit with the Intel SMARTi™ UE2p – the first transceiver with a fully integrated 3G power amplifier.

XMM™ 6255 is extraordinarily compact with an ...effective board area of ~300mm², making it ideal for unconventional form factors such as Internet of Things devices, wearables and M2M applications. Built-in controls protect the transceiver and integrated PA from dangers such as overheating, voltage peak and overcurrent that can occur under tough usage conditions

Intel® Power Transceiver Technology Reduces BOM Cost

XMM™ 6255 features Intel® Power Transceiver technology, which combines 3G transmit & receive functionality, a fully integrated power amplifier, and power management on a single-chip SMARTi™ UE2p transceiver. This unique design helps minimize modem size and BOM costs

Key Feature

• Dual-band HSPA @ 7.2/5.76 Mbps DL/UL – single receiver
• Integrated 3G power amplifier
• Quad-band 2G optional with external, low-cost companion PA
• Co-designed isoplexer
• Direct to battery power
• Integrated DC/DC converters
• Digitally controlled crystal-oscillator (DCXO) support
• Intel X-GOLD™ 625 baseband
• Intel SMARTi™ UE2p transceiver with Intel® Power Transceiver technology
• Intel protocol stack
• Pre-certified
• A-GPS optiona

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