Low-Cost 3G for Mobile Internet Browsing Brief

The Intel® XMM™ 6130 platform combines Intel’s 2G/3G digital and analog baseband solution, Intel® X-GOLD™ 613, with an Intel® SMARTi™ UEmicro RF transceiver.

This cost-optimized HSDPA solution comes with a reference design on a 6-layer PCB as well as the world-proven release 6 dual-mode protocol stack and a common software API layer ...(UTA), which enables 2G customers to easily migrate to 3G.

Intel XMM 6130 brings HSDPA modem capabilities to Web 2.0 applications and an enhanced Internet experience to the mass market.

Great broadband experience
Mobile phones are primary Internet access devices, especially in countries with limited wireline infrastructures. Intel XMM™ 6130 delivers broadband and a great browsing experience at exceptionally low prices.

Key features
• HSPA 3.6/1.4
• 3 MPixel camera, integrated ISP
• HVGA display, QVGA video
• USB 2.0 with integrated PHY
• 6-layer PCB
• Dual SIM dual standby, hot swap

Key benefits
Operator-proven dual-mode stack
• Smooth user interface (UI)
• Very low bill-of-material (BOM)

Read the full Low-Cost 3G for Mobile Internet Browsing brief here: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/wireless-products/mobile-communications/mobile-xmm-6130-brief.html

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