The Intel 5G & IoT Innovation Center

Intel is innovating, testing, and optimizing the 5G capabilities that transform business. Discover how, at the 5G & IoT Innovation Center in Stockholm, Intel is bringing together an ecosystem of partners like Voysys, Unibap, and SeenXR to accelerate 5G, AI, and edge computing use cases at scale.



The customer journey, in this center, we don't start with the underlying technologies that internet is providing. We start with what the 5G and IoT use case makes possible.

5G will mean a lot to teleoperation and remote operation. Everybody moving into the space of teleoperation by using 5G will need both of us.

Each and every use case today can probably be run on available technologies, but in scale. When you multiply this by 1,000 or by a million instances, that's where you really need to start getting the higher bandwidth, the lower latency, the guaranteed bandwidth sort of capabilities that a 5G network brings.

I think it's enormously important to realize that you need to be part of an ecosystem to scale this out because the factory of tomorrow is really about thousands of different pieces that has to be brought together. There is no way a small company or even a large company can do that by themselves.

We can drill into the underlying technologies. So we can throw as many engineers as needed into it, but the customer journey starts with, why is this important? What does this make possible for the customer? What problems are we solving for you dear customer in your digitization journey?

[INAUDIBLE] we can utilize their backend resources and have those [INAUDIBLE] streaming in sort of their [INAUDIBLE] Cloud, but also [INAUDIBLE] AI.

All of the demos they had one thing in common, and that is that they are using edge computing. They are putting computing, Cloud capabilities, very, very close to where the user is actually interacting with the demo.

For us, it's very interesting to work together with Intel because Intel bring in a complete portfolio, from 5G, to edge computing, to very advanced AI computing, to AI software development, and open source of packages that we leverage in order to bring our skill modules to the factories.

We know that innovation gets spun up faster if we can partner with other progressive companies with rich ideas. So creating this sort of environment, where we not only talk about technology, but also their applicability, it's really part of where our DNA is taking us.