MLB+Intel® True VR

Intel is bringing fans the ultimate baseball experience using Intel® True VR. Download the app and watch your favorite MLB* teams from the dugout, behind the catcher or other spots you choose for an incredible, immersive view of the game. 

  • September 9th: Boston vs Tampa Bay (NESNGo VR App) 
  • September 12th: Detroit vs Cleveland (Intel True VR App) 
  • September 19th: Colorado vs San Francisco (Intel True VR App) 

Download the NESNGo VR app ›

Download the Intel® True VR app

Revolutionizing Live Events

Intel® True VR delivers a front-row viewing experience unlike any other. Don't miss a single detail of your favorite entertainment.

True To Life

Prepare to be amazed. Intel® True VR delivers the highest quality VR content directly to your devices, including headsets, mobile devices, and web—all in real time.

Choose Your POV

Change the definition of entertainment. Intel® True VR is transforming the way we experience sports by allowing you to watch the best plays from anywhere you want.

More Than the Game

Get into the action without missing a single detail. Intel® True VR keeps you up-to-date with real-time stats, instant replays, and more to keep you engaged throughout your experience.

Next-Level Technology

Go from couch to courtside. Intel® True VR uses a series of multi-camera pods that eliminate distortion to create a natural viewing environment from the angle of your choice.

The perfect view is a seamless one. Intel® True VR camera pods generate up to 1TB of data per hour, and use fiber optic cables and high compute servers to stream VR content in real-time.

Intel® True VR creates a personalized viewing experience in premium quality, with live scoring, metadata, and audio in real-time.

Try the Intel® True VR Experience for Yourself

The Intel® True VR app is available for Gear VR and Daydream.  You’ll need a Samsung Gear VR* headset with a compatible Samsung Phone or a Daydream headset with a compatible Daydream phone. 

Once you have your equipment:

  1. Download and open the Oculus* Store for Gear VR or the Google Play Store for Daydream
  2. Search for and download the Intel® True VR application
  3. Open the app and attach your phone to your headset 
  4. Kick back and enjoy!

Get the app through Oculus ›

Get the app through Google Play ›

Transforming the World of Sports

Intel is changing the way people watch and experience games. Our technology can capture every play from every angle, give you access to data behind the game, and create cutting-edge entertainment unlike anything you've seen before.

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Go where you've never gone before and experience the biggest moments in sports from every angle.

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