Discover the Future of the Museum Experience

Imagine the possibilities with virtual reality at your fingertips. For the Smithsonian American Art Museum, VR frees their collection from the constraints of time and space, making it infinitely accessible. By partnering with Intel and a team of VR specialists, they’re on their way to reaching their goal of a billion visitors with a museum experience that can transport people from anywhere in the world.

Journey to a Digital Museum

Hear from the artist, VR specialists, and Smithsonian American Art Museum’s curator on how they partnered with Intel to transform their latest collection into an immersive VR experience.

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VR’s Next Frontier

From paving the way in VR esports to partnering with VR creators to enable cutting-edge experiences, Intel is at the forefront of virtual reality technology.

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Explore the Collection in VR

Sansar is a social VR platform where PC users can visit a museum, interact with curators, docents, and fellow visitors, and witness artwork come to life in a whole new way.

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