DB Cargo IoT Telematic Devices

DB Cargo selected ruggedized and high performance edge hardware devices from Eurotech powered by Atom processors to monitor assets on the organizations locomotives.



Hi. My name is Jason Li, and I'm a mechanical engineer and data scientist at DB Cargo. For the condition-based maintenance project, I'm connecting the physical world with our locomotives to the digital world with bits and bytes. As Europe's leading rail freight operator, we have over 2,600 locomotives. Any unexpected failure has a large impact on our network and for our customers.

In order to monitor our assets, we are gathering massive amounts of data, such as sensor values or system notifications. Based on the collected data, we run our analysis from simple statistics to sophisticated machine-learning models. The reports help us to coordinate maintenance operations more efficiently. To collect the data, we use telematic devices, which are installed on board of our rolling stock, such as the BoltGATE from Eurotech, part by Intel ATOM-based architecture.

The Eurotech devices are self-administered. Therefore, we stay flexible and in control of our data. We even have the possibility to load our own software to do computations on the ash device itself. The successful collaboration between DB Cargo, Intel, and Eurotech enables us to deliver a transformational maintenance solution.

By combining Eurotech's expertise in connecting assets from the Edge to the cloud and enabling AI computing on the Edge of transportation and railway applications, we implemented an integrated hardware and software solution that perfectly fitted the customer needs. With DB Cargo, we agreed that the best ruggedized and high performance Edge hardware device for this use case would be the Eurotech BoltGATE 2025, a powerful IoT Edge Gateway with Edge-computing capabilities enabled by the Intel ATOM-based CPU architecture.

Our hardware was furthermore coupled with our Edge to cloud software platform, ESF and everywhere cloud. This provided a simple and fully-integrated way to connect securely and remotely manage DB Cargo onboard assets. The strong partnership created between Eurotech, Intel, and DB Cargo is allowing, now, scaling of the solution across multiple trade.