Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialty Benefits

Earn specialty benefits and gain exclusive, partner-only resources to help you plan, build, and deploy your artificial intelligence solutions.

Get Assets, Promotion, and Unique Benefits to Help You Differentiate and Succeed

AI specialty benefits give you exclusive, partner-only resources to help you excel, differentiate, and accelerate in the AI market segment. Get access to valuable benefits designed and tailored for Intel® Technology Providers to help you plan, implement, and deliver your AI solution, opening the door to another level of engagement with Intel on AI.

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AI Specialty Benefits

Additional Points on Data Center Portfolio Purchases

Earn additional points when you participate in offers only for specialty partners. Use your points for partner events, marketing resources, and more.

AI Specialty Designation

Display your affiliation with Intel and your expertise in providing end customers with Intel® technologies and solutions.

Promotion of AI Specialists

Gain invaluable exposure and make it easier for potential customers to find and connect with you.

Priority Invitation to Industry Events and Training Sessions

Get invited to industry-leading events and training sessions, including the Intel® Server Product leader conference.

Exclusive Communications Support

Intel will provide quotes and other supporting comments from our recognized AI experts to support your technical, sales, and marketing collateral.

Access to Online Training and Collateral

Get access to specialists-only product trainings, white papers, success stories, and other collateral to help you stay up to date with AI technologies and ahead of the competition.

Pre-Sales Support

Receive priority access to our AI Experts who can help you confidently offer end-to-end solutions to grow your business and cement your role as a trusted advisor.

Market Development Funds

Marketing development funds may be available for projects proposed by AI Specialists and accepted by Intel.

Access to Intel® Platform Testing Services

The Global Customer Success's Tools & Technology team provides free platform testing services to qualified Intel customers designing platforms based on Intel® architecture. Through this exclusive service, customers receive focused support on selected designs helping to increase their product quality, reduce support costs, and accelerate their time to market.

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Required Training

Intel® AI Portfolio

Get an overview of Intel’s AI portfolio including solutions, platforms, tools, frameworks, libraries, and more.

Take the training (15 min, 5 credits)

Intel® Xeon® Processor – Winning in AI

Learn about the latest AI technology enhancements for Intel® Xeon® processors and how to sell these processors for AI workloads.

Take the training (30 min, 5 credits)

AI Transforming Manufacturing

Access the on-demand webinar of how Intel is transforming manufacturing with AI.

Take the training (10 min, 5 credits)

AI Transforming Health and Life Sciences – An Intel Expert’s Market Study

Access the on-demand webinar describing how Intel’s AI is transforming the healthcare and life sciences industries.

Take the training (10 min, 5 credits)

Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick (NCS): Learn More to Sell More

Get an introduction to the new Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick (NCS), the new deep neural network development kit in a convenient USB stick form factor.

Take the training (20 min, 5 credits)