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Fast and Easy Infrastructure Deployment

Intel® Select Solutions are workload- optimized data center solutions, based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, that simplify data center infrastructure deployment. Leverage these solutions to help modernize your customers’ data centers more efficiently, quick, and cost effectively.

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Grow Your Business with Cloud Computing Platforms Based on Intel® Architecture

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Partner with a Cloud Data Center Specialist

Do you have a Cloud opportunity that you need help with? Work with one of our Intel® Technology Provider Cloud Data Center Specialists to design and deliver a solution uniquely tailored for your customer.

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Become a Cloud Data Center Specialist

Do you have what it takes to become a Cloud Data Center Specialist? Find out more about the benefits and criteria of this exciting new specialty benefits designation.

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Hybrid Cloud: An Option and Opportunity for Everyone

Learn how connecting public and private cloud into a hybrid cloud solution can enhance your business.

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Introduction: Private/Hybrid Cloud

Optimal Workload Placement for Public, Hybrid, and Private Clouds

Get strategies for evaluating business needs, technical requirements, and ecosystem offerings before selecting a cloud service.

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Why Create a Private Cloud?

This video describes the benefits of a private cloud and the simple steps to get there from a virtualized private cloud.

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Modern SSDs Set the Foundation for a Responsive Hybrid Cloud Data Center

Learn how Intel® Optane™ SSDs and Intel® 3D NAND SSDs increase agility and performance to modern data centers compared to legacy storage.

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Hybrid Cloud Offerings from VMWare and Intel

Intel and VMWare have teamed together to provide a dynamic, fully automated solution that simplifies your evolutionary path to hybrid cloud. It’s time to get started.

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Innovative Cloud Solutions

Software-Defined, Cloud-Ready Enterprise Infrastructure

Drive innovation with a Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) that supports an agile, on-premises cloud architecture, and efficient workload management.

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Software Defined Infrastructure 101

Discover how Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) can transform your data center into an optimized cloud platform.

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New Hyper-Converged Solution Upgradation from WinHong

Learn how WinHong is addressing challenges in the rapidly changing Internet economy with their scalable hyper-converged product based on HCI that provides virtual desktop, hybrid cloud, recovery applications and more, out-of-the-box.

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Making the Case for Modernizing Your Data Center

This brief looks at data center modernization and the imperatives that help it to engage the cloud, enable easy-to-use self-services, and leverage analytics for business innovation.

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Boost Storage Performance Using Intel® Optane™ SSDs and Intel® QLC SSDs

Deliver higher speeds read/write speeds with low cost with Intel® Optane™ SSDs and Intel® Optane™ QLC SSDs – up to 1.9x increase.

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Intel® Select Solutions for BigDL on Apache Spark*

Solution Brief. Accelerate and simplify deep learning development and deployment on an optimized, verified infrastructure based on Apache Spark*.

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Intel and ESDS Help B2B Enterprises Accelerate Cloud Migration

A highly versatile, agile, and elastic cloud solution that automatically provisions resources to meet business-critical demands.

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Intel® Cloud Compute with Windows Server* 2016 Storage Spaces Direct

This on-demand webinar describes how Intel and Microsoft are enabling you to bring cloud-ready solutions to market more quickly with un-branded, fully-validated, pre-certified systems for Windows Server* 2016.

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Phegda™ Upgrades Its Database Appliance with New Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Processor Family

Learn how Phegda™ overcame limitations of the traditional database and the scalability bottleneck.

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Essential Cloud Resources

Xeon Advisor Tool Suite

Use this tool to receive transition recommendations from previous generation Intel® Xeon® processors and compare the TCO of your selections.

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Software-Defined Infrastructure

Ignite agility in your cloud architecture by using Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) solutions built on a robust foundation of Intel® technologies.

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Intel® Cloud Builders

Drive innovation and accelerate optimized, Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) deployments with industry-leading solutions providers.

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Intel® Server Products for Cloud

Simplify access to Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) solutions using these fully validated, pre-configured server systems.

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Intel® Partner Marketing Studio

Find Intel created marketing building blocks and finished materials to market your latest product offerings.

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Cloud Core Curriculum for Platinum Partners

Red Hat OpenShift*

Learn the benefits of Red Hat OpenShift* and using containers versus virtual machines.

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Building a Secure Cloud Environment

This course presents a cohesive security strategy that emphasizes Intel’s Data Center leadership within the ecosystem.

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Winning Sales in the Data Center with the Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor

This presentation will introduce you to the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor family.

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Selling Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors to Power Hybrid Cloud Solutions for SMBs

Learn about trends for SMBs and how to turn these into sales opportunities.

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Intel® Xeon® Processor – Winning in AI

Learn about our latest technology AI enhancements for Intel® Xeon® processor and how to sell Intel® Xeon® processor for AI workloads.

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How to Sell Scale IT Up

Watch demonstrations on how to use the latest features from the Intel® Xeon® Processor Advisor Tool Suite to Scale IT Up so your customers can see the benefits of the platform in action.

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Winning Data Center Storage with Intel® 3D NAND SSD Portfolio and Industry Leading Innovations

Learn about Intel's 3D NAND SSD's and how they bring solutions to the storage and memory gaps. View side-by-side comparisons with competitors and look ahead to the future of PCIe* products.

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Deliver Compelling Business Benefits with Intel® Optane™ DC SSD for your Data Centric Solutions

Learn about the wide range of benefits Intel's® Optane™ technology provides to storage and memory capacity in the data center, including Intel® Memory Drive Technology.

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