What is an Intel® DRONE light show? A new form of art and storytelling – allowing creativity to come to life - with the sky as our canvas, and flying lights as ink A spectacular experience where the night-sky is illuminated with 3D shapes and dynamic formations choreographed to music A smoke-free and noise-free way for audiences to enjoy a night-sky ...entertainment 100s/ 1000s of preprogrammed drones flying in unison – all controlled by one pilot Intel Drone Group 2 The next form of art, entertainment and advertising Art and entertainment New medium for storytelling Intel Drone Group Events and celebrations ADVERTISING/BRANDING “Digital fireworks” or “pixels in the sky” New form of advertisement; Branding in the sky that create a new experience 3 60+ GLOBAL ACTIVATIONS 12,000+ flight hours 700+ PERFORMANCES >20 COUNTRIES >20 AVIATION APPROVALS Intel Drone Group 4 Your choice of resolution to deliver a spectacular experience for your event Creating 3D volumetric experiences and increasing resolution Intel Drone Group 5 Intel’s 50th anniversary Colorful illustrations to CELEBRATE INTEL’S 50 YEAR LEGACY 2066 Drones [1] current Guinness world record [1] July 2018: Most Unmanned Airborne Vehicles airborne simultaneously. Current record holder as of October 1, 2019. Intel Drone Group 6 OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES PYEONGCHANG 2018 Opening Ceremony Drone show IN EXTREME TEMPERATURES 1218 12B Impressions IN 12 HOURS [1] Earned GUINNESS WORLD RECORD Drones Intel Drone Group [1] Achieved December 2017. Intel broke our own record in July 2018. Closing Ceremony 7 Time* Magazine cover : JUNE 2018 EDITION [1] Awarded best cover by ASME* in the Businessand Technology category 958 Drones Intel Drone Group [1] ASME- American Society of Magazine Editors 8 th Independence Day and 75 anniversary travis air force base 500 Drones th Intel® Shooting Star™ Drones Replacing the traditional July 4 fireworks display Intel Drone Group 9 Intel drones shoot for the moon Honoring the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing 300 Drones Intel Drone Group In partnership with Studio Drift*, and to music performed live by Duran Duran* Permission to fly over NASA controlled airspace! 10 Wonder Woman* HOME ENTERTAINMENT RELEASE Drone light show combined with live entertainment Intel Drone Group 300 >1 billion VIEWS ONLINE Drones 11 Fountains of Bellagio*, CES 2018 250 Drones Drone show Synchronized with the Fountains of Bellagio* Permission to fly just 3 miles from McCaran Airport Intel Drone Group 12 Our goal is to exceed customers’ expectations “Set us above and beyond a typical pyro-technics show. Made the event special.” Sahara* las vegas-brandrelaunch Senior VP, Marketing “The social viral effect of the show far outweighs the investment. Masterpiece in the sky” Avengers*:endgame release, Malaysia “It has been a great pleasure to work with such a professional team that shared the same objective of delivering a mind blowing show for the audience” Johor Football Championship, Malaysia Intel Drone Group “The light show provided a huge “wow” factor for guests and was a great modern alternative to traditional casino entertainment.We enjoyed combining the light show with other dramatic elements.“ Harrah’s * Casino Opening, Northern California 13 Safety first Read the full .

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