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Why It Matters

Today, more girls and women are using technology than ever before. But relatively few are playing a role in creating this technology or are pursuing studies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Intel and the Intel Foundation support a range of programs, events, and resources that seek to inspire and equip more girls and women to create and build the technology of the future.

Through the Intel® She Will Connect program, we are collaborating with others to empower middle school girls through technology skills and maker experiences to inspire them to become innovators and spark their interest in technology, engineering, and computer science.

Intel is working with the U.S. Department of State and the United Nations Foundation Girl Up Campaign on the “WiSci” public-private partnership to bring together girls from different socioeconomic backgrounds and diverse cultures to work together to create technology solutions for positive social impact in their communities.

New Collaborative Model in Arizona

Learn more about the Intel Foundation $1 million investment in a new collaborative model in Arizona to increase access for middle school girls by helping them prepare for technology, engineering, and computer science studies in high school and beyond.

Smart Is the New Cool

Intel collaborated with MGA for season three of the Emmy nominated Project Mc2 Netflix series. For a behind the scenes look at the Intel® technology featured in Project Mc2 and to meet some of the amazing engineers innovating at Intel, watch these fun webisodes.

Meet the "fashioneers" who gave this dress flight.

Watch the webisode

See the making of this creepy crawly character.

Watch the webisode

See how Intel® Curie™ modules enhance dancing.

Watch the webisode

Learn about making design and engineering cool for girls.

Visit the Mc2 website

The Maker movement has the potential to engage more girls and women in creating technology.

Help inspire them

The Intel Foundation is funding new innovative collaborative partnerships to empower middle school girls.

Learn more about Intel Foundation

The Intel Foundation is supporting NCWIT's work to engage middle school girls to learn about computing alongside mentors from high schools and colleges.

Read more about NCWIT

Intel initiated and sponsored a coding camp that helped girls gain the confidence that they needed to pursue a career in computing.

Read about the coding camp for girls

Engineering students Camila, Vanessa, and Vanessa invented a project to make a difference in the lives of people near their university in Brazil.

Read about farm yields

Intel is working to empower girls to create tomorrow’s technology through programs like this summer camp that brought girls from nine countries together in Rwanda.

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After participating in Intel® She Will Connect, a teacher in Kenya taught her students to code: they developed an app that is saving lives.

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The Intel® She Will Connect initiative helps millions of women discover how technology can help them achieve their goals.

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