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Keeping the Beat on the Best Music Download Sites

If your ideal Saturday morning includes answering email, social networking, and downloading music at a Wi-Fi hotspot, then you already know the Internet is the biggest music store in the world. And its inventory grows by the day thanks to the best music download sites and online Internet radio services.

Naturally, for those of us proud to support our favorite artists and labels, keeping up with the most reputable music download options is important. And it’s just as important to have a reliable computer with sufficient memory, power, and sound capabilities, so your music is easily accessible and plays with crystal clarity. That’s why the Intel Product Finder is such a great place for any music buff to shop for a new computer.

With so many artists now offering advanced special downloads via social networking sites, it’s often worth following the bands of your choice on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, if your tastes run from Top 40 hits to hard-to-find international selections, then you may find streaming an online Internet radio service to be worth your while. Remember, in both of these situations you may get more Tweets, email, and offers than you bargained for. But the ability to be one of the first fans to download your favorite music might make both options well worth your while.

The Best of the Best Music Download Sites

Since music is such a personal choice, it’s impossible to say which download site is best for any one listener. However, library size, ease of use, and interesting additional features make the following sites worth a visit:

  • iTunes Music Store* boasts over eight million songs in its library. It regularly receives praise for its wide selection of titles and genres, and recently began offering all its music DRM-free (meaning no digital rights management embedded in purchased songs).
  • Amazon MP3* was the first music download site to negotiate deals with the four most popular music labels, so it’s no wonder its library is quickly growing. In addition, it offers great value, as many of its songs are priced for less than a dollar.
  • Zune Marketplace* offers both single downloads and a membership option that allows you to download as many songs as you like.
  • Free Music Archive is exactly what its name promises. The site offers a huge library of free music. Though you might not find the most popular hits here, you’ll certainly enjoy browsing the site’s eclectic mix of songs and artists.
  • Last.fm* is part of a new breed of free online Internet radio sites. It caters to your taste in music the more you listen. The site offers free downloads and automatically plays new tracks as they come available in the genres you enjoy.

Intel® Products are a Hit with Music Lovers

With so many online choices in music and entertainment, it’s nice to know the Intel Product Finder makes finding the right computer a simple choice of tuning in to what you like.