F6 Installation Method for Intel® Rapid Storage Technology

Last Reviewed: 10-Mar-2017
Article ID: 000005611

The F6 installation method allows you to install a third-party mass storage driver during Windows* setup. The chart below shows the circumstances in which you must use the F6 installation method during an operating system installation.

Operating system Total drive volume F6 installation method
Windows 8* Any size Recommended but not required1
Windows 7*, Windows Vista* Less than 2 terabytes Recommended but not required1
More than 2 terabytes2 Required
Windows XP*, Windows Server 2003* Less than 2 terabytes Required
More than 2 terabytes2 Required

1 Windows 7 and Windows Vista both include drivers for RAID/AHCI during installation.
2 For Intel® Desktop Boards, you must first enable UEFI in the BIOS when using total drive volume greater than 2 terabytes. For non-Intel motherboards, refer to the motherboard documentation to verify this requirement.

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