Reasons for Intel's Release of Two Windows 7* USB 3.0 xHCI Drivers

Last Reviewed: 01-Mar-2017
Article ID: 000005497

Why did Intel release two Windows* 7 USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller (xHCI) drivers?
There are two different Intel® chipset platforms for Windows 7. Each platform has its own USB 3.0 xHCI driver:

  • Intel® 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family
  • Intel® 8 Series/C220 Chipset Family/4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor with U-Series Platform I/O

Can I install either of the drivers on my computer?
No, the driver must match the chipset family platform for your computer.

Where can I find the download files for the USB 3.0 xHCI Windows* 7 driver?

Are there Intel USB 3.0 xHCI drivers for Windows* 8?
No, the Windows* 8 operating system comes with an in-box USB 3.0 xHCI driver.