FAQs for Intel® Modular Server Advanced Management Pack

Last Reviewed: 02-Feb-2017
Article ID: 000007817

What are the advantages of the Intel® Modular Server Advanced Management Pack?
The Intel Modular Server Advanced Management Pack offers the possibility to save the settings from the CMM, Storage, and Ethernet switch and export/import to another chassis. It also provides support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), SYSLOG and SNMPv3.

How can I use the Intel Modular Server Advanced Management Pack?
The Intel Modular Server Advanced Management Pack is supported in the chassis Intel® Modular Server Chassis MFSYS25 or Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS35 with firmware package UFU 6.5 or above, and in the Intel® Modular Server Chassis MFSYS25V2 with 10.1 or above. Intel® Modular Servers with those firmware packages have a 30-day test license key for the following Modular Server features:

  • Intel® Shared LUN
  • Intel® Modular Server Storage Management Pack (product code: MFSLUNCOPY)
  • Intel Modular Server Advanced Management Pack
  • Intel® Modular Server Virtualization Manager (product code: MFSVRT) [on firmware package 11.x only]

How can I check how many days are left from my 30-day license trial key?
From the menu in the left panel, by clicking on Feature Activation. All activated feature keys and remaining trial days (if applicable) will be displayed here.

Modular server control feature activation

What happens after the 30-day test license key has expired?
Visit the Intel® Modular Server License Key Activation page for options.

What are the hardware requirements?
The Intel Modular Server chassis needs to have firmware level UFU 6.5 or higher. When using the import/export function, both chassis must have the same firmware level, identical hardware configuration (same number of SCMs in the chassis, same amount of hard drives) and both Modular Servers need to have the feature key activated.

How can I import/export the settings from one chassis to another?
By clicking on “Import/Export” in left panel menu, the “Configuration Import/Export” screen will appear. Choose which sub-systems settings should be saved by ticking the box next to it and click on export. This will give the option to save the settings as a .zip file locally or on an external USB key or client.

When importing a saved configuration, simply browse to the location of the file, select the file and click on import.

Modular server control configuration import export

Can I export a configuration, and import it back to the same machine?
Only if you have not changed the firmware revision level since the export.

Can I use the Intel Modular Server Advanced Management Pack to export a configuration from an Intel Modular Server Chassis MFSYS25 to an Intel Modular Server Chassis MFSYS25V2?
No, due to the different firmware revision of the Intel® Modular Server Chassis MFSYS25V2, this is not possible.

How do I enable this feature?
See How do I activate features on the Intel Modular Server?