How to Activate Features for Intel® Modular Servers

Last Reviewed: 19-Sep-2017
Article ID: 000007271

To activate:
Intel® Shared LUN (MFSLUNKEY)
Intel® Modular Server Storage Management Pack (MFSLUNCOPY)
Intel® Modular Server Advanced Management Pack (MFSADVMGMT)
Intel® Modular Server Virtualization Manager (MFSVRT)

Note These products are discontinued, and can no longer be ordered.
  1. Find the midplane serial number. Click Feature Activation and note the Chassis Serial Number at the top.
    Screenshot of the Modular Server Control indicating the location of the chassis serial number

  2. Or click Chassis Back | CMM | Midplane and note the Midplane serial number.
    Image of the Chassis back indicating the location of the midplane serial number

    The serial number will always start with BZMD. If you have a serial number that starts with BZCY or some other letter series, that is most likely the chassis serial number, not the Midplane serial number.

  3. Log in to the Intel® Modular Server License Key Activation page.
    Notes If attempting to log in to the site redirects you back to the reseller page, you may not have a full channel login. Contact your sales representative to get appropriate access.
    This link will only work from the Intel intranet or with VPN connection, customers will not be able to reach it, it doesn't require registration just enter the midplane serial number generate the key for the right product and share with customer.
  4. Copy your license key into the CMM under Settings | Feature Activation.

             Screenshot of the CMM indicating where to enter the License key