RAID Simulator Tool for Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology II BIOS Console

Last Reviewed: 24-Feb-2017
Article ID: 000007159

This host-based RAID utilizes the chipset, processors, and memory of the server board to provide RAID modes 0, 1, and 10. RAID 5 is available with an optional Intel® RAID Activation Key AXXRAKSW5.

The RAID simulator tool simulates the environment of Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II BIOS Console, without the need to setup a server system. See Intel Terms of Use.

This article applies to:

Intel® Server Board S2600V3KPF
Intel® Server Board S2600V3KP Family
Intel® Server Board S2600V3TP
Intel® Server Board S2600V3TPF
Intel® Server Board S2600V3TP Family